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Take a minute to journal a few the times you recognized God’s presence in your life. Thank Him for constantly being with you.

Before Jesus’ death on the cross, people were separated from God because of their sin. Priests interceded for the people by offering yearly sin sacrifices, but the people did not have direct access to God. Read Matthew 27:50-54 in your Bible.

“Suddenly, the curtain of the sanctuary was split in two from top to bottom; the earth quaked and the rocks were split.”—Matthew 27:51

Explore the following and write your answers in your journal:
• List the events that occurred when Jesus died.
• The high priest was the only person allowed beyond the curtain that separated the people from God’s presence. Why is it important that the temple veil was torn? What is the significance to you today?
• In your own words, explain the guards’ exclamation in verse 54.
• Describe the guards’ reaction when all of these things occurred. Imagine you were at the cross, would your reaction be like the guards’?


Before Jesus’ death, people only had access to God through the priest. Now, Jesus is our High Priest—constantly interceding for us at the right hand of God in heaven.

• Meditate on today’s Scripture. Praise God for giving you direct access to Him through Jesus.
• Prayerfully consider what Jesus’ death on the cross means to you personally. Then, record your thoughts in your journal.
• Does Jesus’ death on the cross affect the way you live your life? On a scale of 1-10, how much does His sacrifice affect your daily life?
• For further study on the temple veil, read Exodus 26:31-35 and Hebrews 10:19-21.


Prior to Jesus’ death, God’ presence was confined to the Most Holy place in the temple. The veil mentioned in today’s passage separated the “holy place and the most holy place” (Ex. 26:33). Only the high priest had direct access to the presence of God on one day—the Day of Atonement. The curtain splitting from top to bottom indicated that God tore it. He removed the barrier between Himself and His people— an action made possible by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.


Jesus provided a way to reestablish the relationship between God and us.

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