Oh the Progress Being Made…

Posted by Sharon

Well, there has been so much progress, I don’t even know where to begin.  Let’s start with the bath house.  Marty is amazing!  As I recall, Phil mentioned that Marty is sometimes mistaken for Jack Bauer and I believe it!  He cleared out the second part of the old Cheyenne bath house and has started putting up petitions.  Here’s some pictures to show you the progress:

You can tell Marty has been working hard.  All three pictures were taken of the same place.  The door in this picture is the back of the bath house.  When you walk in, there will be a small closet straight ahead and a public bathroom on the left.  It may not make sense at the moment, but you just wait!

Moving on to the next project, you’ll see there has been a lot of progress on the dining hall.

Ron shared a little history with me about our dining hall as we were looking at the renovations.  Apparently this is what the dining hall looked like for a while and then the offices were added.  It’s going to be nice having the extra space!

I know the campers will enjoy this next project.  The plumbing has started in the cabins.  They have started putting pipes in for the showers and sinks.  But the best thing about it is the new water heaters.  The new cabins will have instant hot water and it will last longer than one shower!  It will last for everyone’s shower!

The second picture is the new hot water heater.  It’s much smaller than our existing hot water heaters.

Well, that’s it for these projects.  The framing of the Bear Trap will be finished tomorrow!  Check back in the next day or two and we’ll show you pictures.

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