I Pledge Allegance to…

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Read 2 Peter 2:15-19. Focus on verse 19.

Some people in the world say they find freedom in doing whatever they want to do. They tout their lifestyle as real freedom, but in reality they are enslaved by it.
Read the story of Balaam (Num. 22:22-35). Why do you think Peter mentioned this story?

-Have you ever been promised something only to realize you didn’t get what you were guaranteed? How did that make you feel?

-Why do you think people try to get others to commit the same kind of bad choices they make?
Have you ever been guilty of this? Explain.

-What gives you a sense of freedom? Why?

-To what do you feel enslaved? Explain.

-Do you think Christ has the power to free you from sin? How do you make that belief a reality?

A lot of people think Christianity is about a list of do’s and don’ts; they believe serving God means giving up freedom. Don’t be fooled! The truth is everyone is slave to something. People end up serving many different masters. Maybe it’s an addiction, like drugs or porn. Or maybe it’s the desire for academic achievement or the need for others’ approval. Whatever becomes the focus of your life is what enslaves you. That’s the point of today’s verses. The false teachers said their message brought freedom, but it only brought corruption and defeat.

So you have a choice: do you pledge allegiance to self and sin and the consequences that go with it, or do you choose to serve Christ instead? What changes will you make this week to make Christ the ruler of your life?

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