A Taste of Camp in the Fall

Posted by Karah

Camp is so beautiful in the summertime but we thought all of you might like to experience what camp looks like in the fall. Here are some photos of the Crestridge lake and the views at the top of some of our favorite trails.

Crestridge Lake

Ridgecrest Lake

The Reservoir

Rattlesnake Peak

Kitzuma Peak

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New Addition to the Crestridge Lake

Posted by Sharon

That’s right campers, get ready for a new addition to the Crestridge Lake this summer!  You might be wandering…what else could we possibly add?  Well, we have replaced the ancient cement docks with bigger, floating docks!  You now have the option to walk out to a new swim platform without getting wet, or you can swim to the new platform.  Take your pick!  We are excited to see campers swimming in the lake again, it’s too empty right now.  Check out the pictures below:

4.5 weeks till the first session begins!!!!  We’ll see you soon!

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