Retro Friday: Village Ranks

Posted by Sharon

Did you know that the 5 Villages we have now did not exist until the summer of 1962?  Up until then we had 3 Villages-Junior, Intermediate, and Senior.  Since there were only three Villages, the ranks for Council of Progress were different than what they are now.  In addition to honor bands, they also used Emblems.  The Emblems were a Tomahawk, Coonskin Camp, Staff, and White band of Purity.  The Emblems and Ranks have changed a few times through the years.  The picture on the left shows the Villages, Ranks, and Emblems used in the beginning.  The picture in the middle shows what the they were changed to in 1962.  The picture on the right shows the next change in 1967.

I’m not sure when the Ranks and Emblems changed to their current state and when we stopped using the Emblems, but I do know it was before 1981.

The current ranks are as follows:

Chippewa – Explorer

Chickasaw -Champion

Cheyenne -Defender

Choctaw -Seeker

Cherokee – Achiever

When you come this summer, be sure to look for the old Emblems in the Museum!

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