Brag A Little

Posted by Melissa

I had been practicing and thought my ping-pong skills were pretty impressive. So, when my friend challenged me to a game, I asked, “Do you really think you can handle it?” That day, I learned not to brag about my ping-pong skills. My friend never told me he was a ping-pong master!

As you read Galatians 6:11-16, notice what Paul said of himself in verse 14.

God gave the Jews the sign of circumcision as an outward sign of their covenant with Him. Why do you think the Jews would boast in that outward sign? What was the problem with their boasting?

What did Paul mean when he said that “circumcision and uncircumcision mean nothing” (v. 15)?

Why do you think Paul was so emphatic about only boasting in the cross of Christ (v. 14)?

What do you think boasting in the cross of Christ sounds like? What would it look like if you did it?

Do you know anyone who always boasts in Christ rather than him or herself?

How quick are you to talk about Christ? Where are you when you are likely to talk about Christ?

Where are you when you tend to shut up about Christ?

What do you brag about most often? Some of us are always ready to brag about ourselves, to push ourselves forward, to make ourselves sound important. Not Paul. Instead, he wanted to brag about the cross of Christ. So should we. As believers, we should always be ready to brag on the One who is the Creator of the world, the Savior of all humanity. Today, ask God to fill your heart with His wonder and cause you to think and talk of Him in your conversations.

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