Sow and Reap

Posted by Melissa

When a farmer plants corn, he doesn’t harvest wheat. You can only harvest what you’ve actually planted. And believe it or not, that principle holds true for our spiritual lives as well.

Read Galatians 6:6-10, paying particular attention to verse 7.

Sowing refers to planting seeds. Reaping refers to harvesting the resulting food. What are some good seeds you are planting with how you live your life? What harvest do you think you will reap from those seeds?

What are some bad seeds you’re planting? What harvest do you see yourself reaping from those?

Why do you think Christians sometimes “get tired of doing good” (v. 9)?

What are some seeds you should be planting that you are not?

What are some seeds you need to quit planting?

We like to think of God as a loving Father who wants us to be happy, healthy, and wealthy, but that’s not the total picture of God. He gives us freedom to act, but our actions always have consequences. We may not suffer immediately for breaking one of God’s commandments. However, in the long run, every one of us will experience the consequences of the choices we’ve made.

You can choose to sin—even as a believer—and think it doesn’t matter or that you’re getting away with it. But your sinful choices have consequences. Spend some time today talking with God about the choices you’re making. If you need to, ask for His forgiveness. Ask Him what good seed you need to be planting. Determine to do all He shows you.

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Love, Love, Love.

Posted by Melissa

Dinner at CrestridgeNO RUNNING IN THE HALL. Don’t litter on school property. No standing on the bus. No cell phones or iPods at camp. No double-blobbing.

Rules, rules, rules. Sometimes, it seems like our entire day at school or time at camp is spent following rules (or listening to someone enforce them). What is the purpose of all these rules, anyway? Some would say they are for the health and safety of the students and staff. What about God’s rules? What is the purpose of the guidelines found in the Bible?

Read Galatians 5:13-15, focusing on verse 14.

What does it mean that we have freedom as believers?

Who is your neighbor?

Is it possible to love someone if you don’t even like them? Explain.

How does loving people fulfill all of God’s laws?

According to these verses, what are the consequences of not loving others?

It’s a simple concept. If you love God and love others, you are meeting all of God’s requirements. Understand this: God is love, and His principles for living are based on love. As Christians, others should see love when they look at our lives. Jesus spent His life on earth showing love to people and ultimately loving us enough to die for our sins. We can continue to communicate His love by giving of ourselves in service to others.

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