Happiness Is…

Posted by Sharon

Think about the last time you were really happy. Why were you so happy? Write a few phrases or draw pictures that describe how you felt.

READ ISAIAH 55:12-13 in your Bible. Consider these phrases about the happiness that will come to pass for God’s people:

“You will . . . go out with joy”

“[You will be] peacefully guided”

“The mountains and hills will break into singing before you.”

“The trees of the field will clap their hands.”


It might be hard to imagine an ecstatic tree clapping its hands, but God is making a point about the whole atmosphere of the world bursting with elation and unencumbered excitement. This is the kind of bliss that explodes in the hearts of those who have followed God and are experiencing His blessings. Day after day He keeps His promises to us, and one day all His promises will be fulfilled.


Do you remember a time when God came through for you and it filled you with joy? How have you experienced God’s work, whether in your life or in someone else’s? If you’re going through a rough time, what do you hope that God will do? Write it all down here.


Pray through your notes. Whether you have experienced blessing or difficulty, practice an attitude of gratitude. If you’re seeking God’s help through a difficult time, ask Him to move in powerful ways.

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