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1 THINK ABOUT THE LAST TIME you got into trouble for something. Maybe it was at school or with your parents. Did your punishment fit the crime? Do you think your punishment was fair? Why or why not?


2 YOU’VE HEARD IT SAID—a million times—that life isn’t fair. Being a Christian doesn’t make life any more fair, either. Sometimes, as you serve the Lord, you’ll face situations and circumstances that just seem so unjust. Read Jeremiah 37:11-17 for an example.

How would you describe what happened in these verses?

Why do you think that Irijah didn’t believe Jeremiah when Jeremiah tried to explain why he was leaving Jerusalem?

Do you think Jeremiah doubted God’s goodness or character during his unfair imprisonment? Why or why not? Would you have doubted God?
Have you ever done something you knew was right or what God wanted and gotten punished for it? What happened? What did you learn? How did God use that situation to His glory? In the space below, write about that time and what God taught you.


As you follow Christ, there will be times when the world will treat you unfairly. Don’t be surprised when it happens and don’t let your circumstances cause you to question God’s goodness. God is always fair and good. He will use all things to bring glory to His name.


In these verses, Jeremiah tried to leave Jerusalem by the Benjamin Gate. The Benjamin Gate was on the north wall of the city and anyone who wanted to go to the tribe of Benjamin’s territories would have left the city by this gate. Some scholars think Jeremiah was going to inspect land he had just purchased in his hometown of Anathoth from his cousin Hanamel (Jer. 32).

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