What’s a blog?

Posted by Sharon

We are embarking on a new journey here at Camp Crestridge. We always feel like we have so much to say, but never the time to say it. That’s about to change! These are the first issues of the Crestridge Blog. This new addition consists of 3 main pages, all of which can be accessed separately from our website:

  1. News: With all the exciting changes happening around camp this winter, we wanted to keep you informed! Look here for pictures, videos, and the latest word from within Camp’s gates. Located under the Camper Tab and Parent Tab.
  2. Parent Resources: A page just for Parents with helpful articles, websites and even videos. We plan to update this page as we learn about new topics, and materials that we think will be helpful to you! So please check back often. We are committed to helping you as a parent as you do your best to raise girls in today’s society. Located under the Parent Tab.
  3. Weekly Devotions: A word or two every week from Camp Crestridge for you to share with your son or daughter, pointing them back to Jesus. We want to help facilitate great conversations about who God is and what Jesus has to do with us today! By emailing and adding these devotions to our website, we hope to be of some assistance to you as a parent. Located under the Parent and Camper Tab.

It is our desire that these new features on the Ridgecrest Summer Camps website will both enhance your child’s camping experience and further equip and encourage you as a parent. For your convenience, you can “subscribe” to each blog, adding it to your RSS feed at the top of your internet browser. If there is anything else we can do, please don’t hesitate to ask. Give us a call at 1.800.968.1630.

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