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When I was in fifth grade, my teacher taught us how to fold the American flag. He was a retired, decorated Marine and had spent time in Vietnam. He loved his country, and he treasured the flag, the symbol of freedom for the United States. He took great pride in teaching us how to keep the flag off the ground, how to fold it perfectly, and how to put it in a case. It wasn’t just any old cloth to him; he would have given his life for it.

Read Numbers 4:4-6,15, concentrating on verse 15b.

What was “the work” of the Kohathites”?

What were they to care for?

What were the curtains and skins of manatees to be used for?

What would happen to the Kohathites if they touched the holy things?

What do these verses teach you about the value God placed on the ark?

What do these verses teach you about the character of God?

God placed high value on the ark of the covenant. Certain people had been instructed by God to handle the ark in a very specific way. God didn’t just tell them to pack it up and go. He was very specific in His instructions. God doesn’t do things haphazardly. He always has an order and a purpose. His ways work to bring honor to Himself and to teach us to value and respect the things of God. The question is, do you?

The Kohathites will come and carry them, but they are not to touch the holy objects or they will die. These are the transportation duties of the Kohathites regarding the tent of meeting.

—Numbers 4:15b

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