Jesus Became Flesh

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You have the opportunity to meet with Jesus Christ today. Focus your mind on Him right now. Thank God for His Word and the opportunity to study it.

The Gospel of John uses a variety of names to describe Jesus. One of the names it uses for Jesus is “the Word.” Read John 1:14 below.

“The Word became flesh and took up residence among us. We observed His glory, the glory as the One and Only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” —John 1:14

• Jesus existed at the beginning of time. He is God, the Son. He is full of glory. What does it mean for Him to take up residence among us? Take a moment to journal a few thoughts below.

Now, read John 1:1-18 in your Bible. As you read, circle any words or phrases that were used to describe Jesus. Think through these questions:

• List some of the words that you circled in today’s passage.

• What do these words reveal about Jesus, His character, and His purpose? Explain

• Read verse 18 again. What does it mean to say that Jesus has revealed the Father? How does He do that?

• Look over the words you circled one more time. How do they further illustrate that Jesus reflects the nature of God? Explain.

Because Jesus is God, He was able to reveal God and His character in a way people had never experienced before.


• Meditate on the nature of Jesus: fully human, yet fully God. What difference does it make in your life today that God became flesh? Record your prayerful response in your journal.

• Ponder this thought: Through Jesus, we received God’s clearest message. In Jesus, we see the very heart of God. Respond in your journal.

• For further study, meditate on John 14:7-11.

Behind the Story

The phrase translated “took up residence among us” in John 1:14 literally means pitched His tent or tabernacled. In  the  time  after the exodus, God commanded Moses to make a tabernacle, a large tent, as a dwelling place for God (Ex. 25:1-8). God is present everywhere, but the tabernacle served as a visual reminder of His presence to the people of Israel. The wording of John 1:14 indicates that Jesus was the visual presence of God among His people.

The Point

Jesus is God in the flesh and came to live among us to make the Father known.

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