Remembering Past Thanksgivings

Posted by Sharon

We love celebrating holidays around here. And we love making videos to share with our camp family! Take a look at our past Thanksgiving videos and let us know which one was your favorite!

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1st Annual Turkey Bowl

Posted by Sharon

We are getting into a great time of year…Thanksgiving, turkeys, cold weather and snow (for some of us), Christmas, Christmas trees and lights, giving, great food, special time with friends and family and more.  Have you ever thought about the traditions you have during the Holiday Season?  What about the traditions of others?  Well, a tradition that we are starting here at camp is the Turkey Bowl.  Check out this special news report straight from Ridgecrest Summer Camps…

Thank you to all of the parents, campers and staff who make Ridgecrest Summer Camps such a special place!  We are so thankful that God has given us the opportunity to impact lives for His Glory!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by Sharon

What a great time of year we are getting into!  Great food, extra time spent with friends and family, fun music, time away from school and work, and most importantly, the reminder of what God has done for us.  As we were thinking of how we could best say “Happy Thanksgiving” to you, we kept coming back to our video from last year.  It was just too hard to top!  So here’s another look…

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