Up go the walls

Posted by Karah

A lot has happened here at camp since the last post…which was less than a week ago!  The floors are finished, with the exception of one Choctaw cabin, and now the framing has started.  Right now, only two cabins have the walls up, but it seems that every time we blink something else gets completed.  Below you can see the progress of the new staff cabin on Chipp/Chick hill.  Even Oj is interested in the construction process.



Keep looking staff and you’ll get an inside view of what the new cabin looks like…literally.  You can see the spaces on either side of the cabin where the showers and toliets will be placed.  That’s right, plural.  There will be two showers and two toliets, with a nice vanity mirror in the middle.  We’re living the high life now!  You can also see the porch, which will be covered when all is said and done.




Here’s some pics of the framing going up on one of the new Choctaw cabins.


Before any of us know it, it’ll be summer and all you campers and staff will be here experiencing the cabins for yourselves.  But until then, keep checking back for new pictures.

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