Not My Problem!

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YOU HAVE ONE MINUTE. Create a top 10 list of the 10 biggest problems in the world right now.

Are you part of the solution to any of those problems? Or do you think that because they don’t directly affect you, they’re just not your problem?


READ MARK 6: 34-37. Ask yourself:

 What was the seemingly impossible situation the disciples brought to Jesus’ attention?

 What was Jesus’ equally impossible solution to the problem?

 How did the disciples respond to Jesus?

 How would you have responded to Jesus if you’d been in the disciples’ shoes?


When faced with a hungry crowd of people who needed food, the disciples chose the easiest solution: to let the people take care of themselves. It wasn’t the disciples’ problem in the first place. But Jesus’ response was to instruct the disciples to do something. He’s still telling us to do the same thing.


Take a good look around you. Who are the hungry people in your family, school, community, and world? Think about more than physical hunger. Who is spiritually hungry? In need of a friend? Ignored or overlooked?

What steps will you take this week to reach out to one “hungry” person in your life? List three below.

Pray with persistence for the “hungry” people in your life and world. Ask God to soften your heart toward them and show you how He wants to use you to meet their needs.

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Merry Christmas from Crestridge!

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Merry Christmas!

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Milton and Fred Ochieng, brothers from a poor, remote village in Africa, dreamed of becoming doctors one day. Their father’s dream was even bigger than that. He wanted to build a clinic that would provide health care for their desperate, struggling community.

First, Milton won a scholarship to Dartmouth College. By selling chickens and cattle, his family members and neighbors in Lwala were able to scrape together enough money to buy his plane ticket to the United States. A year later, Fred received a scholarship to Dartmouth and joined his older brother there. Even though the brothers were far away from Africa in the United States, they couldn’t forget the village they’d left behind. They knew they had to do something to help their neighbors in Africa. So, the brothers began educating people about the suffering in their hometown in hopes of raising money to build that clinic of their father’s dreams. That dream became even more important when both of their parents died from AIDS.

Today, the Lwala Community Hospital serves 15,000 patients each year. In addition, they provide small-scale micro-enterprise, public health outreach, water, sanitation, and education programming to Lwala and beyond.


THINK ABOUT THAT STORY as you read Matthew 9:35-38.

 What do the two stories have in common?

 What are some of the things Jesus did for the people?

 According to the passage, what made Jesus respond the way He did?

 Have you ever done something for someone without gain? How did that make you feel?

Maybe you aren’t called to build a hospital. But God wants to use you to do His work on earth. When Jesus saw the hurting people, He was moved with compassion, and He took action to help them. What about you?

Think of one person you can serve. Pray for an opportunity to reach out this week. Plan—then act on it.

“I choose kindness . . . I will be kind to the poor, for they are alone. Kind to the rich, for they are afraid. And kind to the unkind, for such is how God has treated me.” – Max Lucado

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Winner of the Where’s Ron Contest

Posted by Karah

In honor of the 2nd Annual Camp Crestridge Day we sent all of our current campers and staffers a big picture of our favorite Camp Director’s head. We challenged each of you to celebrate by taking Ron with you and documenting it with pictures along the way. We actually had so many great submissions that we chose two winners and a staff winner, who will each receive a $50 Visa gift card in the mail! The first winner is Meghan, Madison, and Mallory Hartline with their photo of Ron hanging out in their dryer! Even though we did say photos, our second winner, Ashley Myers, went above and beyond and made a video of her reading the newsletter while Ron is taking a stroll on the treadmill! Our staff winner is Caroline Knowles with a picture of her playing a little two square, with Ron as the ball! Thanks to all of you who participated. Keep taking pictures of Ron and posting them to our Facebook page, you never know when we will decide to reward a little creativity!







Here are some of the other great entries we received!

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Wrecked. Broken. Destroyed.

Posted by Karah

When was the last time you used one of those words to describe the way you felt about something? What was it? Why were you so heartbroken about it?


Jeremiah felt that way, too. When God revealed what was going to happen to Judah because of their sinfulness, Jeremiah was heartbroken. Read Jeremiah 8:18–9:1 in your Bible. Underline all the words and phrases that express Jeremiah’s grief over what was going to happen. Then, ask yourself:

God was broken and heartsick over the peoples’ sinfulness. When you look at the sin in the world, what’s your response?

What’s your response to sin in your life?

What sinfulness in your own life has God broken your heart over? Confess it and seek His forgiveness today.

What sinfulness or circumstances in the world has God broken your heart over?

What steps will you take to make a difference—big or small!—in those areas this week?

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2nd Annual Camp Crestridge Day

Posted by Karah

Tomorrow is the day we have all been waiting for, Camp Crestridge Day! We not only want to remind you to read the Where’s Ron blog post and submit your photos for the contest but also give you a few ideas of how to celebrate tomorrow. Set your morning alarm to Marva’s morning wake up that includes the Wake Up Bell and sport the Crestridge wallpaper on your phone or computer, both of which you can find under the Camper section of our website. Stand on your chair at meal times and sing your favorite camp songs. You can find the words to them in our song book. Wear your favorite Crestridge shirt with pride. Build a fire and cook Packet Meals with your family. Take some of your favorite things about camp and do them at home. We not only want you to celebrate Camp Crestridge day but we also want to see how you celebrate. Write or post pictures to our Facebook page to let us know how you chose to celebrate this year’s Camp Crestridge Day!

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No Hope

Posted by Karah

Over and over, Jeremiah had made God’s point clear: judgment for sin was coming. He had pointed to their disobedience and railed against their hard hearts, but the people still remained unrepentant. Now, Jeremiah told the people that they were going to get to face the consequences of their sin: invasion by the Babylonians.

2 READ JEREMIAH 8:14-17 to get the peoples’ reaction to Jeremiah’s prophesy. Focus on verse 15.

How would you describe their reaction to the coming invasion?

Why do you think they reacted that way? Explain.

What would your reaction have been? Why?

The people seem rather hopeless here. Why do you think sinfulness often leads to such a feeling of despair and hopelessness?

When we allow sin to separate us from God, we will feel hopeless and alone. When you are mired in your sin and facing the consequences of sinful choices, it is never too late to turn to God with absolute repentance. Don’t wait!


Think back to a time when you really messed up, yet hesitated to ask God for help. What happened? What did you learn? When you finally did repent, how did it affect your relationship with God? Your perspective? What consequences did you face. Jot down your thoughts and your thankfulness that God has provided a way for you to be reconciled to Him through Jesus as a prayer in your journal.

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