Winner of the Where’s Ron Contest

Posted by Karah

In honor of the 2nd Annual Camp Crestridge Day we sent all of our current campers and staffers a big picture of our favorite Camp Director’s head. We challenged each of you to celebrate by taking Ron with you and documenting it with pictures along the way. We actually had so many great submissions that we chose two winners and a staff winner, who will each receive a $50 Visa gift card in the mail! The first winner is Meghan, Madison, and Mallory Hartline with their photo of Ron hanging out in their dryer! Even though we did say photos, our second winner, Ashley Myers, went above and beyond and made a video of her reading the newsletter while Ron is taking a stroll on the treadmill! Our staff winner is Caroline Knowles with a picture of her playing a little two square, with Ron as the ball! Thanks to all of you who participated. Keep taking pictures of Ron and posting them to our Facebook page, you never know when we will decide to reward a little creativity!







Here are some of the other great entries we received!

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2nd Annual Camp Crestridge Day

Posted by Karah

Tomorrow is the day we have all been waiting for, Camp Crestridge Day! We not only want to remind you to read the Where’s Ron blog post and submit your photos for the contest but also give you a few ideas of how to celebrate tomorrow. Set your morning alarm to Marva’s morning wake up that includes the Wake Up Bell and sport the Crestridge wallpaper on your phone or computer, both of which you can find under the Camper section of our website. Stand on your chair at meal times and sing your favorite camp songs. You can find the words to them in our song book. Wear your favorite Crestridge shirt with pride. Build a fire and cook Packet Meals with your family. Take some of your favorite things about camp and do them at home. We not only want you to celebrate Camp Crestridge day but we also want to see how you celebrate. Write or post pictures to our Facebook page to let us know how you chose to celebrate this year’s Camp Crestridge Day!

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Photo Shoot with Ron

Posted by Sharon

Hopefully you have received your Fall Bear Tracks Newsletter in the mail.  If not, it should be arriving shortly or you can see it on our website, click here.  The front page gives details for the 2nd Annual Camp Crestridge Day which is on December 1.  That is this Saturday!  We have challenged you to take your photo of Ron (included in the Newsletter) and take it wherever you go.  Be sure to take pictures for your chance to win $50!  Be creative with how, where, and with whom you take the picture.  After you take your picture, you can either e-mail it to us at or you can post it directly to our Crestridge Facebook page.  All submissions must be e-mailed or posted by midnight on December 2nd.
In case you wanted more options of Ron’s face, we now have more available!  Feel free to print out any of these extra faces.  Again, be creative and have fun!

We can’t wait to see your pictures!  Submissions are due by midnight on December 2nd!

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Camp Crestridge Day Winner

Posted by Sharon

Ruthie Wofford will be able to enjoy $50 to our 2012 Clothing Store!  She is our winner for Camp Crestridge Day!  To celebrate Camp Crestridge Day, Ruthie did the following: Downloaded the Wake Up Bell, Sang the Good Morning Song, Dressed up like Sharon and OJ, Wore her CC4G shirt and Crestridge Sweatshirt to school, Honked twice before backing up, Sang a Village cheer at dinner, Ate a packet meal and banana boat, Built a campfire at a camp friend’s house and sang campfire songs, Did a Quiet Time, and Watched her session video from 2011.  She sent pictures of all those events! Congratulations Ruthie!

Here are other pictures we received:


A special shout out goes to Lauren Barnes, Ramey and Willa Schutz, and Ginny Stevens for sending us videos!  Thanks for celebrating Camp Crestridge Day with us!  Go ahead and mark your calenders for next year!  The 2nd Annual Camp Crestridge Day will take place on December 1, 2012!


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