Camp Crestridge Day Winner

Posted by Sharon

Ruthie Wofford will be able to enjoy $50 to our 2012 Clothing Store!  She is our winner for Camp Crestridge Day!  To celebrate Camp Crestridge Day, Ruthie did the following: Downloaded the Wake Up Bell, Sang the Good Morning Song, Dressed up like Sharon and OJ, Wore her CC4G shirt and Crestridge Sweatshirt to school, Honked twice before backing up, Sang a Village cheer at dinner, Ate a packet meal and banana boat, Built a campfire at a camp friend’s house and sang campfire songs, Did a Quiet Time, and Watched her session video from 2011.  She sent pictures of all those events! Congratulations Ruthie!

Here are other pictures we received:


A special shout out goes to Lauren Barnes, Ramey and Willa Schutz, and Ginny Stevens for sending us videos!  Thanks for celebrating Camp Crestridge Day with us!  Go ahead and mark your calenders for next year!  The 2nd Annual Camp Crestridge Day will take place on December 1, 2012!


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