CC4G S’mores Trail Mix

Posted by Karah

CC4G S’mores Trail Mix

Missing Campfire Night? Want a little taste of it? Try snacking on some of this trail mix to bring back the sweet memories of camp.

3-4 cups golden graham cereal

3/4 cup chocolate chips

3/4 cup Reese’s Minis

2 cups mini marshmallows

1/12 cups mini pretzels

*Optional: Drizzle melted chocolate over the top.

Mix together and enjoy! Share this version of your favorite camp treat with friends & family, and share your favorite camp stories, too!






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11 Signs You Are A Crestridge Girl Stuck In The Real World

Posted by Karah

1. When you see other girls at school with Chacos, you automatically assume that they are a camp girl.


2. Your room decorations include camp friend pictures, crafts you’ve made in crafts skill, and a Crestridge sweatshirt blanket.

3. Building a campfire for your family night isn’t just as simple as building a fire. There is a technique: brumble briar, bridge, tepee, etc.


4. You have a collection of photos of your counselors from every summer hung up either on your refrigerator or desk.

5. When you see your camp friends outside of camp, it’s better than a Christmas present!


6. When you’re singing happy birthday to a friend or family member, you always insert “in the lake”, despite not having access to any lake close by.

7. Your favorite Christmas present was your Eno hammock, and you can’t wait for the day when you find your personal Eno spot somewhere on your village hill.


8. You frequently feel the need to stand on your chair during meals and sing your village cheer.

9. When you see someone out in public who is wearing a white shirt and green shorts, you wonder why they are dressed for Council of Progress on a Saturday.


10. Your daily wardrobe usually always consists of either a camp t-shirt, camp shorts, camp sweatpants, or a camp hat.

11. You have a countdown of days until camp going on your phone or in your planner from the time you left camp.

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Johnnie Armstrong’s Campfire Message

Posted by Sharon

Johnnie Armstrong, former director for Camp Crestridge, has been with camp since the beginning, 1955.  She has continued to return each summer during our third session.  She spoke at campfire this past Tuesday and a camper asked if we could post her message online.  You can click on the link below to access the message. The Lord has used and is continuing to use Johnnie in mighty ways.  We are thankful for all she has done for Camp Crestridge!

Johnnie Armstrong’s Campfire Message


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Tuesday Traditions

Posted by Sharon

Every Tuesday night, each cabin builds a fire and cooks their dinner at their cabin.  After dinner, they head to the campfire area to sing songs with Ron and hear a message from one of our staff.  This night has it all – fun, laughter, singing, enjoying the peaceful sounds of nature, and precious time with our Lord!



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Camp Crestridge Day Winner

Posted by Sharon

Ruthie Wofford will be able to enjoy $50 to our 2012 Clothing Store!  She is our winner for Camp Crestridge Day!  To celebrate Camp Crestridge Day, Ruthie did the following: Downloaded the Wake Up Bell, Sang the Good Morning Song, Dressed up like Sharon and OJ, Wore her CC4G shirt and Crestridge Sweatshirt to school, Honked twice before backing up, Sang a Village cheer at dinner, Ate a packet meal and banana boat, Built a campfire at a camp friend’s house and sang campfire songs, Did a Quiet Time, and Watched her session video from 2011.  She sent pictures of all those events! Congratulations Ruthie!

Here are other pictures we received:


A special shout out goes to Lauren Barnes, Ramey and Willa Schutz, and Ginny Stevens for sending us videos!  Thanks for celebrating Camp Crestridge Day with us!  Go ahead and mark your calenders for next year!  The 2nd Annual Camp Crestridge Day will take place on December 1, 2012!


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It’s Campfire Day

Posted by Sharon

Today is Tuesday!  Do you know what that means?  It’s Campfire day which means cookouts, singing, fires, and hearing a message from God’s Word.  We’d like to take you back to the summer and remind you of our time around the fire!  If you know the song, sing along!

Now if you really want to treat today as if it were a Tuesday at camp, ask your parents if they can cook your dinner over a fire.  I’m sure they would love that!

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