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How important are promises in your life? Promises are binding. That’s why people make contracts and written agreements. Once those documents are signed, the people involved are required to do what was described in the documents they signed. The truth is, a promise is important. When we agree to do something, we should do it. Once trust is gone, it’s hard to get back.

Read Galatians 3:15-18, giving careful attention to verse 15.

Do you trust others to keep their promises? Why or why not?

If your best friend made a promise, do you trust him or her to keep it? Explain.

When you make a promise, how hard is it to break it?

What do these verses teach you about God and His promises?

Why is it important that God keeps His promises?

How has God kept His promises to you?

When God makes a promise, He always keeps it. The wonderful and incredible thing about today’s verses is that they’re full of God’s promises to us. In today’s key verse, Paul pointed out that even on human terms, once a promise or covenant had been made, it couldn’t be changed. If that was true for humans, then it was all the more true for God.

The infinite Creator of the universe promises us that Jesus will save us if we trust Him. God planned it and promised it long ago, and that promise is good forever. Trust it!

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