Photo Shoot with Ron

Posted by Sharon

Hopefully you have received your Fall Bear Tracks Newsletter in the mail.  If not, it should be arriving shortly or you can see it on our website, click here.  The front page gives details for the 2nd Annual Camp Crestridge Day which is on December 1.  That is this Saturday!  We have challenged you to take your photo of Ron (included in the Newsletter) and take it wherever you go.  Be sure to take pictures for your chance to win $50!  Be creative with how, where, and with whom you take the picture.  After you take your picture, you can either e-mail it to us at or you can post it directly to our Crestridge Facebook page.  All submissions must be e-mailed or posted by midnight on December 2nd.
In case you wanted more options of Ron’s face, we now have more available!  Feel free to print out any of these extra faces.  Again, be creative and have fun!

We can’t wait to see your pictures!  Submissions are due by midnight on December 2nd!

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3 thoughts on “Photo Shoot with Ron”

  1. Ron is so lol he is funny but he is also a mystery we love ya LETS GO !!!!!RON LETS GO!!!!!!!
    love dearly ,
    also Sharon will know who i am love her ttyl

    1. i am so great full i can go to camp plus Ron is the funny man and he is tough .
      love always,
      Aimee Darley

      p.s. Sharon will know who i am she loves me dearly

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