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What do you complain about the most? School? Your parents? Stress? Homework?


IN YOUR JOURNAL, rank the top five things you complain about most.


READ JEREMIAH 20:7-10 below. Underline all of the things Jeremiah complained about. Then, read verse 9 again in your Bible. Draw a box around it.

“You deceived me, Lord, and I was deceived. You seized me and prevailed. I am a laughingstock all the time; everyone ridicules me. For whenever I speak, I cry out, I proclaim, ‘Violence and destruction!’ because the word of the Lord has become for me constant disgrace and derision. If I say, ‘I won’t mention Him or speak any longer in His name,’ His message becomes a fire burning in my heart, shut up in my bones. I become tired of holding it in, and I cannot prevail. For I have heard the gossip of many people, ‘Terror is on every side! Report him; let’s report him!’ Everyone I trusted watches for my fall. ‘Perhaps he will be deceived so that we might prevail against him and take our vengeance on him.’” —Jeremiah 20:7–10

Why did Jeremiah keep proclaiming God’s message if it caused him such distress?

When have you felt that fire in your heart and bones and known you had to speak up for God? What did you do?


There will be times when you, like Jeremiah, struggle to continue with the mission God has called you to. During those times, let His Word and His presence in your life compel you to continue.

  • COMPEL: [verb] 
    force or oblige (someone) to do something
    bring about (something) by the use of force or pressure

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Don’t Give Up!

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When Joni Eareckson Tada was 17, she suffered a diving accident that left her a quadriplegic and wheelchair-bound. Despite obvious obstacles, Joni refused to give up. She spent two years in rehabilitation, learning how to live without the use of her arms and legs. She even learned how to hold a paintbrush between her teeth to create fine art pieces. In 2010, after 44 years of quadriplegia, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She underwent surgery and took four rounds of chemotherapy. Now in remission, Joni never gave up when her life got difficult. Instead, she chose to focus on the fact that God was in control and she decided to see her difficulties as opportunities. “Trials are not just assaults to be withstood. No, trials are opportunities to be seized,” she said in a speech at a National Day of Prayer Observance in Washington, D.C., in 2011. “Life becomes inspiring, not in spite of the problems and the hard hits, but because of them.”


THINK ABOUT JONI’S STORY as your read Jeremiah 20:3-6.
What do these two stories have in common?

Jeremiah had been jailed for the things he had prophesied. Yet he went right back to proclaiming the Lord’s Word when he was released. Why?

Would you have given up if you’d been Jeremiah? Explain.
What are the discouraging situations or relationships in your life, the ones in which you’ve tried to proclaim Jesus’ message of hope, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference? Identify them and pray over them today.

Memorize Galatians 6:9. When you feel discouraged or exhausted by situations or people who don’t seem to care about Christ, recite it. Don’t give up!

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Night of Chaos Session 2A

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Camp is pretty organized but a couple of times during the summer chaos breaks loose.  Here are some highlights from the insanity that was Night of Chaos 2A!

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“Suffering in the path of Christian obedience, with joy-because the steadfast love of the Lord is better than life (Psalm 63:3)-is the clearest display of the worth of God in our lives.” – John Piper

Think about that quote as you read 2 Timothy 1:8-12. Don’t miss verse 8! Read over it a couple of times. In your journal, write your response to these verses. You may want to write a prayer asking God to help you find joy in a specific discouraging situation you are facing.

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Construction Update: New Cherokee Cabin

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The construction on the new Cherokee cabin is moving quickly. And it is looking great! Here are a few photos of the construction stages so far.

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This Should Be Easy

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If you’ve gone to class, done the homework, and studied for the test, you’d expect it to be fairly easy, right?

LIST SOME THINGS that should be easy if you’ve done the prep work. (We’ve started the list for you.)

      Cooking a meal

      Playing a tough sports team

      Writing a paper

Did living the Christian life make your list? Why or why not?

THINK ABOUT THAT as you read Jeremiah 19:14–20:2.

 Check out verse 14. Why was Jeremiah prophesying to the people?

 What did he tell the people of Jerusalem? Explain it in your own words.

 If you’d heard Jeremiah’s prophecy, how would you have responded? Why?

 Jeremiah did what God told him to do. What happened to him? (See v. 2.)

 Have you ever faced difficult circumstances because you’ve been obedient to God’s call on your life? What happened? What did you learn?

The truth is, following God and living according to His purpose doesn’t guarantee that your life will be easy. In fact, sometimes it means that you will face difficulty and discouragement.


List any difficult situations you’re facing right now because of your commitment to follow Christ. Pray about them, asking God to remind you of His presence and power in them.


WHO IN YOUR LIFE is facing a difficult situation or dealing with discouragement because he or she chose to be faithful to God? List their names and a couple of ways you’ll encourage them this week.

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Silly Talents Session 1B

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Crestridge is a camp full of talented people.  You can find everything from animal noises to crazy tongue tricks.  We think that awesome talents deserve to be seen so here is a video of some Crestridgers showcasing their amazing talents.

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Be A Hero

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Corrie Ten Boom. Florence Nightingale. Frederick Douglass. Mother Teresa. Gary Haugen of International Justice Mission. Martin Luther King. Bono.

History is littered with the names of people who have made a difference against poverty and injustice. Most fittingly, some of these names belong to people who follow Christ.


Who are your personal heroes? List a few names and explain what makes them heroes in your eyes.


Read Mark 6:38-44 in your Bible. If you’re familiar with this story, then it is easy to take for granted the enormity of what happened in that wilderness. So, close your eyes and imagine those five loaves and two fishes. Then, picture the big, hungry crowd gathered around Jesus and the disciples. See those fish and loaves multiply as Jesus handed them out. Take some time to sketch or write down some phrases that describe what being in that crowd must have been like.


With Jesus’ power, you have all the resources you need to minister to the needs of people, to be a hero. If you are willing, Christ can do amazing things through you. He did it with the fish and loaves. What more can He do with and through you?


Glance over the devotions from this past week. How has God used His Word to change your attitude about the world and people around you?

Is there a specific need you think God is calling you to meet or someone specific whom you need to reach out to? Commit to follow Him wherever He leads you today.

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