MONTHLY ARCHIVES: September 2014

A God of History

Posted by Karah


Turn off or put away anything that could distract you from focusing on God and His Word. Find a quiet place and sit in silence for a few minutes. Ask God to guide your study and prepare your heart.

Read through Isaiah 44:21-23. As you read, record who is responsible for what action under each of the column headers below.

God’s People                                                               God

“I have swept away your transgressions like a cloud, and your sins like a mist. Return to Me, for I have redeemed you.” —Isaiah 44:22

• Look at what the people are to do in this verse and what God says He has done. How do they compare?

• Originally, this passage was aimed at the people of Judah who were worshiping idols. God wanted to remind them of who they were and Whose they were. Why would this be important?

• To redeem something is to buy it back, to pay the price. What does it mean for God to say that He is the Redeemer? Explain.


• Mull over this question: If redeeming us was not part of God’s character, where would we find true, lasting hope? Journal your response and praise that God for His redeeming character.

• For further study and context of this passage, read Isaiah 44:28-45:6; 2 Chronicles 36:22-23; and Ezra 1:1-4. Compare Isaiah’s prophecy about King Cyrus and the fulfillment 100 years later.

Behind the Story

Isaiah was a prophet called by God to speak to the southern kingdom of Judah during a tumultuous time in their history. In this call to redemption, God sought to remind the sinful people of their true identity (His servants, His people) and who He is (Creator, Redeemer). Do you think today’s world needs to be reminded of these things? Why or why not?

The Point

God is a redeeming God. Throughout history He has been working to redeem His people, buying us back from the power of sin.

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Construction Update

Posted by Karah

IMG_6625 copy

The most current picture of the Dining Hall construction.

10616653_10154628407730188_3082806075094201450_nWe have finally broken ground at Crestridge! If you did not know, we are undergoing some big and exciting changes here at Camp Crestridge in order to accommodate more campers and impact even more lives for God’s glory. The first major project is the Dining Hall. After almost two weeks of work, the back porch has been completely removed and most of the trees have been cleared to make room for the additions on to the 10626475_10154631602035188_3095457998917464689_nDining Hall. We are so excited to see the changes begin and will continue to keep you all updated on the progress.

Below is a picture of the wall from the Drama Den closet. Can you find your name?

IMG_6628 copy


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Put to Death

Posted by Karah


Think for a moment about the sinful actions, attitudes, and thoughts from which God has saved you. Focus your heart by praising and thanking Him for saving you, forgiving you, and protecting you.

“For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.”

—Colossians 3:3

Read Colossians 3:1-10 in your Bible.

• Read verse 3 again carefully. Write it in your own words.

• Based on what you have learned about God’s wrath this week, why does His wrath come on the disobedient who live immoral lives?

• According to these verses, what sins should you put away as a believer?

• If you’re a Christian, God has forgiven your sin, and you no longer face His righteous wrath against sin. So, why should you put these things away, if you’re already saved from God’s wrath? Explain.


• Look back at the sins listed in verses 6, 8-10. Which sins are still part of your life? Remember, you can be sinning in your thought life, even if you aren’t physically participating. Confess these sins to God, asking Him to help you remove them from your life, once and for all.

• Be aware of the temptations that trigger these sins in your life. List ways you will deal with these temptations when they pop up in your life. Jot down one or two actions you’ll put into practice today.

Behind the Story

The Book of Colossians is a letter Paul wrote to the church at Colosse. False teachers had tried to convince the Colossian believers that true spirituality required obtaining knowledge, adhering to certain rules, or having spiritual experiences. Paul directly opposed this teaching by reminding the believers that their life is hidden with Christ. He alone is their salvation. He alone is sufficient.

The Point

Because God is holy and we are His, we should continue to put away sinfulness so that we will become more like Him.

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Retro Friday

Posted by Karah

Untitled 1The Dining Hall is one of our most important buildings at camp. We eat meals there, have skills and activities, sing at the top of our lungs during dinner, and may seek refuge there during a thunderstorm.

Did you know that we did not always have a Dining Hall at camp? That’s right. In the summer of 1955, Camp Crestridge’s first summer, there was no Dining Hall. Instead, all the campers had to put on dresses for every meal and walk to and from the conference center
for their meals. They did this three times per day! Can you imagine? Fortunately, the Dining Hall was constructed before the following summer and it has been a home to many memories in the meantime.

What are some of your favorite memories in the Dining Hall?


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Posted by Karah

DSC_0551 - CopyPause

Think of a time when you were absolutely helpless and needed someone to give you a hand. How did you feel? Thank God that He doesn’t leave us helpless.

When you think about the word helpless, what images come to mind? Write your ideas below.

“For while we were still helpless, at the appointed moment, Christ died for the ungodly. But God proves His own love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us!”

—Romans 5:6,8

Read Romans 5:6-10 in your Bible. Read verses 6 and 8 again carefully, then answer these questions:

• In the context of this passage, what does it mean to be helpless? Explain.

• If no one can save themselves and we are all under the wrath of God without a relationship with Christ, what do these verses teach you about the importance of sharing the gospel?

• Clearly, the good news of God’s great rescue is vital information. Is the gospel’s importance reflected in your daily life? How?


• Think of people in your daily life who do not know Christ. List a few names below.

• Meditate on Romans 5:8, reminding yourself that Christ loved each of these people enough to die for them. Ask God for opportunities to show others His incredible love.

Memory Verse

Ask a friend or parent to help you memorize John 3:36. Try reciting it to them. If it helps you to move while memorizing, toss a ball back and forth with your partner as you recite the verse.

Behind the Story

Romans 5 assures us of God’s great love for us by explaining that He chose to take upon Himself His own wrath, which we rightfully deserved. Verses 9-11 go on to tell us that in Christ, God declares us:

righteous: right according to God’s standard; our sins are removed.

reconciled: our broken relationship with our Creator has been restored.

The Point

We must share the gospel, because everyone who doesn’t trust in Christ for salvation is subject to God’s wrath.

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Payment Made

Posted by Karah


Make sure you find a quiet place where you can be alone as you study God’s Word. Before getting started, ask Him to help you understand His truth and to apply it to your life.

What are some things you couldn’t do and stay true to who you are? What actions or attitudes would conflict with your character? List a few ideas.

God cannot remain true to His character and just ignore sin or sweep it aside. Because He is righteous, holy, and just, sin and rebellion cannot go unpunished. But, thankfully, God has made a way for us so that we do not have to remain under His wrath—His full fury against sin. Read Romans 3:21-26 in your Bible to find out what it is.

“God presented Him as a propitiation through faith in His blood, to demonstrate His righteousness, because in His restraint God passed over the sins previously committed.”

—Romans 3:25

Sometimes translated “propitiation,” “sacrifice of atonement,” or “mercy seat,” the concept is that Jesus has become the sacrifice for our sin, turning God’s wrath away from us. How does it make you feel to know Jesus died in your place?

By believing in Christ and accepting His sacrifice, His righteousness can be applied to your life. When God looks at you, He sees Jesus’ righteousness. Clearly the only thing that has the power to save is the finished work of Christ. Do you believe this is true? Why or why not?


• Jesus willingly took God’s wrath on Himself on your behalf. Meditate on this. How will you let it change the way you live today and every day? Jot down one idea.

• If you have never placed your faith in Christ for salvation, you are still under the wrath of God. Prayerfully consider “The Gospel” on page 2. God’s invitation demands a response. How will you respond today?

• For further study on sacrifices, read about the Passover in Exodus 12:1-11. How is the Passover lamb a picture of Jesus’ sacrifice? How does reading this account give you a greater appreciation for what Jesus did for you?

Behind the Story

Throughout this passage, Paul relied heavily on sacrificial imagery and terms that would have been familiar to his readers. He clearly presented Jesus as the sinless sacrifice prefigured by the Old Testament sacrifices. For more on Old Testament sacrifices, read Leviticus 16–17.

The Point

The immensity of God’s love can only be understood by recognizing His wrath toward our sin and His willingness to take that wrath on our behalf.

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