Construction Update

Posted by Karah

IMG_6625 copy

The most current picture of the Dining Hall construction.

10616653_10154628407730188_3082806075094201450_nWe have finally broken ground at Crestridge! If you did not know, we are undergoing some big and exciting changes here at Camp Crestridge in order to accommodate more campers and impact even more lives for God’s glory. The first major project is the Dining Hall. After almost two weeks of work, the back porch has been completely removed and most of the trees have been cleared to make room for the additions on to the 10626475_10154631602035188_3095457998917464689_nDining Hall. We are so excited to see the changes begin and will continue to keep you all updated on the progress.

Below is a picture of the wall from the Drama Den closet. Can you find your name?

IMG_6628 copy


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Exciting Construction Updates

Posted by Sharon

Lots of construction crews have been busy this year at Crestridge!  We’d like to fill you in on what all has been happening the past several months.  There are three projects at this point.

1. The two cabins are coming along well.  The shells are finished (minus the siding and roofs).  Now it’s time to get started on the inside.  Previously, we said that the new cabin on Chip/Chick Hill will be a Chickasaw cabin.  There has been a change and that cabin will now be a Chippewa cabin.  There will still be four Chippewa cabins and six Chickasaw cabins.  The staff cabin (currently known as the Mansion) will also be a Chippewa cabin.  The current Chickasaw 6 will be a staff cabin. The Chippewa cabin is a little different.  It has the porch on the side instead of on the end.  It looks great!
We’ve also decided to have six Cheyenne cabins and six Choctaw cabins. So if you have finished 6th grade, you’ll be in the Cheyenne Village.  If you have finished 8th grade, you’ll be in the Choctaw Village.  For those who have finished 7th grade, you’ll either be in Cheyenne or Choctaw.

2. We are adding a covered porch across the front of the Lodge.  This will allow more covered, outdoor space for the cooking skill!

3. Marty and Rob are updating the bathrooms in the Infirmary.  We don’t have any pictures to show at this point, but this is a huge improvement!  They are updating the light fixtures, vanities, toilets, and added new tile floors!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to see up-to-date photos!


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Construction Update!

Posted by Karah

Here at camp, we are so excited about all of the changes going on around Crestridge. A lot of progress has been made on the Beehive since our last update. The siding is almost all up on the outside, just waiting to be painted. The walls are up on the inside both upstairs and downstairs and it looks great! It is amazing how different the inside looks with the walls up between the rooms and everything. It is coming along very nicely… It will be an awesome place to hang out this summer!

We also have a few other construction related projects going on around camp. The telephone pole that used to be in front of the store was moved down the hill a little so it isn’t right in front of the Beehive. Also, something that will be really nice are the new windows that are being put in the gym. The new windows are already in one side of the gym and it is crazy how much more light those windows are letting in!

Can’t wait until the summer when you all are here and get to enjoy all of these changes and additions as well!!


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Spring Time and Paint

Posted by Karah

It’s finally Springtime here at Crestridge, all the flowers are blooming, the sky is especially blue, and the only thing missing is all of your smiling faces!  Our construction crews are finishing up the little details to the cabins which included the painting of the outside walls.  Everything looks so fresh and it sure is getting us pumped up about spending the summer with all of you, so get here already!  Here are some pictures of Crestridge in the Springtime, enjoy!

Chickasaw 8 and 9 with their new paint job. Chippewa 1's new door! Empty Playground

Cherokee Hill with new paint! Spring Flowers

Less than 60 days until the first set of campers come for Summer 2010!  We are so excited, are you getting ready?  Post a comment and share with others how you survive without camp as the summer continues to get closer!

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Construction Update

Posted by Karah

The sun is shining and camp is finally free of the snow!  Don’t get us wrong the winter is a great part of our year, but spring will be arriving soon, and that means summer time is right around the corner.  The construction crews are getting busy trying install the rest of the showers and toilets, and things are coming along quickly.  All Chippewa cabins have their sinks, showers, and toilets installed, the majority of the Chickasaw cabins do as well.  Here’s a couple of shots of these brand new editions:

Sunshine Trail Chippewa 2

Chippewa 2 Close-Up Chippewa 3 sinks New Shower

Be looking for your Crestridge Bear Tracks newsletter, coming in the mail next week.  And be sure to comment and enjoy the spring weather!

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Construction Keeps Moving Forward

Posted by Karah

Our construction crews are steadily moving forward and making some major progress on the cabin renovations.  The Cherokee cabins all have new walls and ceilings that look absolutely amazing.  Having two toilets and two showers in every cabin sure will make things easier then back in the days when the whole Choctaw Village had to share one Bath House.  The crews have also started to install the showers into the Chippewa and Chickasaw cabins; changes are happening so quickly!  Check out some of the shots of the improvements as well as the saved names section in Cherokee 4.

 Cherokee 1 wall Cherokee 1 Back Wall Cherokee 4 Front Wall

Cherokee 4 Signatures Chippewa 1 Showers

Hope you’re getting as excited about camp as we are, and remember to comment and let us know what you think!

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Another Snowy Day in Ridgecrest

Posted by Sharon

Once again Jack Frost himself has covered our lovely camp with white snow.  This time we received about 6 inches of the white fluffy stuff and are truly enjoying it to the fullest.  Here are some pictures of your home away from home covered in snow:

 Chapel Creek Cheyenne/Choctaw Steps

 Campfire Area Chip/Chick Playground

Also, even through the cold winter days our construction crews are moving along with enthusiasm.  All of the Cheyenne and Choctaw cabins have their siding up, and the Cherokee cabins are getting their new inside walls.  Cherokee 25 seems like a completely new building with a higher ceiling and open floor plans- these changes are so exciting!  Here are a few pictures to show the updated construction with more to come soon.

Cheyenne 11 Looking down Choctaw Hill Cheyenne 12

New walls in Cherokee 25 Back wall of Cherokee 25

Check in soon for more updates and remember to comment for your chance of winning a Free Store!

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Construction and Ice

Posted by Sharon

Within the past few weeks, the construction crews have finished putting the new metal roofs on all the cabins and are now putting the siding on.  They have finished the Chippewa and Chickasaw cabins and are now working on Cherokee Hill.  They will eventually paint the cabins the same color as the new cabins added last year.  Most the electrical and plumbing has been completed.  They have slowed down a little because of the cold weather and all the snow.  But they are still moving forward!

Chickasaw 9 Cherokee 25

We’ve decided to keep a section open in each cabin so you can see old signatures from the past.  Here’s what it will look like.

Chickasaw 9 Signatures

I know all you Floridians have been experiencing some cold weather recently.  We are excited about next week because the weather channel is saying the temperature may actually reach 40 degrees!  There is still quite a bit of snow left from the storm 3 weeks ago and the lakes are freezing over.  It is unusual to see the Crestridge lake frozen because there usually isn’t any water in there.  So savor these next few pictures!

Crestridge Chapel in the snow Frozen Crestridge Lake-1 Frozen Crestridge Lake-2

Check back soon for more updates!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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4 Villages Down, 1 to Go

Posted by Sharon

As of 3PM today (Nov. 23), there are only 3 cabins that need a new roof along with the cabin extension.  Those construction workers are just going so fast!  There has been a lot of progress since the last Construction Blog.  They have finished adding the roofs and extensions on all Cheyenne cabins and Choctaw 14.  They are almost finished with the electrical work on Cherokee Hill.  And they are finishing putting up the T1-11 in Chippewa 1 and putting the finishing touches on it.  T1-11 is the wood that is going on the inside walls of the cabins.  I know I keep saying this, but the cabins look so good!

Cheyenne 13 Cheyenne Bathrooms with Extension Choctaw 14

Chippewa 1 Bathroom Chippewa 1 Vanity

They haven’t actually finished a cabin yet, but they are getting the major stuff done first before it gets too cold.  Don’t forget, if you comment on any of our blogs, your name will be entered into our monthly drawing for a free store!

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Chips/Chicks…Check, Cherokees…Check

Posted by Sharon

I’ll tell you what, those construction workers are fast!  They have now finished the first phase on Cherokee Hill and started with the Choctaw Hill.  It was quite a sight to see all four cabins with no roofs and no bathrooms.  Again, it was confirmation that they really needed some work done!

No roofs Inside Cherokee 25Inside Cherokee 25-Back

Cherokee 24 Cherokee 25 Cherokee 25-New Roof

Cherokee 24 Cherokee 23 Cherokee 24

They are now on Choctaw Hill removing the old roofs, the back walls, and the bathrooms.  I’ll post pictures soon.  I hope you all are enjoying the fall season.  Can’t believe it’s already November, but we are looking forward to the holidays!

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