Spring Time and Paint

Posted by Karah

It’s finally Springtime here at Crestridge, all the flowers are blooming, the sky is especially blue, and the only thing missing is all of your smiling faces!  Our construction crews are finishing up the little details to the cabins which included the painting of the outside walls.  Everything looks so fresh and it sure is getting us pumped up about spending the summer with all of you, so get here already!  Here are some pictures of Crestridge in the Springtime, enjoy!

Chickasaw 8 and 9 with their new paint job. Chippewa 1's new door! Empty Playground

Cherokee Hill with new paint! Spring Flowers

Less than 60 days until the first set of campers come for Summer 2010!  We are so excited, are you getting ready?  Post a comment and share with others how you survive without camp as the summer continues to get closer!

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Construction Keeps Moving Forward

Posted by Karah

Our construction crews are steadily moving forward and making some major progress on the cabin renovations.  The Cherokee cabins all have new walls and ceilings that look absolutely amazing.  Having two toilets and two showers in every cabin sure will make things easier then back in the days when the whole Choctaw Village had to share one Bath House.  The crews have also started to install the showers into the Chippewa and Chickasaw cabins; changes are happening so quickly!  Check out some of the shots of the improvements as well as the saved names section in Cherokee 4.

 Cherokee 1 wall Cherokee 1 Back Wall Cherokee 4 Front Wall

Cherokee 4 Signatures Chippewa 1 Showers

Hope you’re getting as excited about camp as we are, and remember to comment and let us know what you think!

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Almost Finished with Roofs

Posted by Sharon

They only have 1 metal roof to put on and they’ll be finished with phase #1.  It’s hard to believe the work they’ve already accomplished and it’s only December!  They are almost finished with the electrical work.  They’re still working on installing the new floors and inside walls.  They recently started putting the siding on Chippewa 1.  When finished, all 25 cabins will look the same but their cabin sign will be painted the color of their village.  It’s going to look so nice!  Here are a few pictures to show you the progress.

Choctaw 18 Cheyenne/Choctaw Hill

Chippewa 1 Chippewa 1-different angle

The siding has not been painted yet, so it looks a little light in these pictures.  I’m sure the construction workers will be taking a little time off for the holidays so it may be a few weeks before the next construction update.  Thanks for your prayers as we continue to move forward with this construction!

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Chips/Chicks…Check, Cherokees…Check

Posted by Sharon

I’ll tell you what, those construction workers are fast!  They have now finished the first phase on Cherokee Hill and started with the Choctaw Hill.  It was quite a sight to see all four cabins with no roofs and no bathrooms.  Again, it was confirmation that they really needed some work done!

No roofs Inside Cherokee 25Inside Cherokee 25-Back

Cherokee 24 Cherokee 25 Cherokee 25-New Roof

Cherokee 24 Cherokee 23 Cherokee 24

They are now on Choctaw Hill removing the old roofs, the back walls, and the bathrooms.  I’ll post pictures soon.  I hope you all are enjoying the fall season.  Can’t believe it’s already November, but we are looking forward to the holidays!

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Moving Right along

Posted by Sharon

Almost two weeks ago, I informed you of the cabin renovations that had just started.  Well today, they are working on their 6th possibly 7th cabin (Chip 1, 2, 3, Chick 4, 8, and 9).  The construction crew has not completely finished one cabin, but they have started putting the new roof on and framed the new bathrooms.  Take a look at the progress so far:

Chippewa 2 Chippewa 1 Roof Chippewa 1 New Bathrooms

Chippewa 1 Old Bathrooms Chippewa 3 and Chickasaw 4 Chickasaw 8

With taking out the roofs and bathrooms, there is a lot of trash.  It’s pretty funny to see all the toilets, showers and sinks all piled up around the Dining Hall.

When the crew gets to the Cheyenne and Choctaw cabins, they will extend the cabins.  They’ve already cleared a few trees and poured the footers for the extensions.

Choctaw 20 Choctaw 20 Footer

If you are interested in seeing more pictures, we have a Facebook Fan page that has an album designated for Cabin Renovation pictures.  Keep checking weekly for more updates on construction and other things going on at camp!

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