Almost Finished with Roofs

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They only have 1 metal roof to put on and they’ll be finished with phase #1.  It’s hard to believe the work they’ve already accomplished and it’s only December!  They are almost finished with the electrical work.  They’re still working on installing the new floors and inside walls.  They recently started putting the siding on Chippewa 1.  When finished, all 25 cabins will look the same but their cabin sign will be painted the color of their village.  It’s going to look so nice!  Here are a few pictures to show you the progress.

Choctaw 18 Cheyenne/Choctaw Hill

Chippewa 1 Chippewa 1-different angle

The siding has not been painted yet, so it looks a little light in these pictures.  I’m sure the construction workers will be taking a little time off for the holidays so it may be a few weeks before the next construction update.  Thanks for your prayers as we continue to move forward with this construction!

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4 thoughts on “Almost Finished with Roofs”

  1. The walls will not be the village color. All the cabins are going to be the same color. However, we are going to paint the signs on the cabins the color of that village. That way you’ll still be able to tell which cabin is in what village.

  2. well, i guess it will probably look neater that way! i know we won’t get to write on the walls, though. 🙁 i think it kind of takes away from the whole crestridge feel without all the signatures…

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