Winter Storm at Camp

Posted by Sharon

It is currently cold and snowing here at camp!  There is a big system moving up through the Southeast and because it’s below freezing, we are getting all snow!  There may be an inch on the ground right now, but they are calling for over 8 inches!   We took a drive over to Crestridge so we could show what it looks like under snow.

Front Sign You are now entering Camp Crestridge Crestridge Lodge

Crestridge Lake Crestridge Chapel Crestridge Bear Trap

I wish you all could be here right now enjoying a good snowball fight or even playing 4-square!   We hope you enjoy your Friday, whether it’s in the sun, rain, or snow!

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17 thoughts on “Winter Storm at Camp”

  1. Everything looks so pretty! It started snowing here too– but not eight-inches worth. Did the lake freeze over?

  2. Ahhhh! The snow storm is missing me by only a little bit! If it would move down just a tad! Well hope yall make pretty snow angels! 🙂

  3. We have over a foot of snow!!!! It’s still snowing, and there is now a blizzard warning in VA. Maybe we won’t have school on Monday!!

  4. I don’t think the lake froze over. The roads in Crestridge are completely covered with snow, so I don’t think I’ll be able to make it up there for another day or two to see. Faith, enjoy all the snow but be safe!

  5. christmas eve it snowed here in texas and right now there is still snow on the ground. we had a white christmas and we never get a white christmas. it never snows in texas…… have fun for those who have snow right now ours is starting to melt:(((((

  6. We got almost 2 feet in Virginia, and then went to Black Mountain for Christmas and lost power for 2 days! But we had so much fun in the snow and got two extra days off school! Can’t wait for summer and camp!

  7. We had 8″ of snow in March…..amazing here….but can’t you just picture 200 girls in the middle of the snow having a sock war??? Hhhhmmmm….guess we’d need to require “colored tube socks” for that event!!!!!

  8. I wish i could be there I live in Georgia and we have never gotten snow this year but i hope yall have fun. and i cant wait till camp.

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