Construction and Ice

Posted by Sharon

Within the past few weeks, the construction crews have finished putting the new metal roofs on all the cabins and are now putting the siding on.  They have finished the Chippewa and Chickasaw cabins and are now working on Cherokee Hill.  They will eventually paint the cabins the same color as the new cabins added last year.  Most the electrical and plumbing has been completed.  They have slowed down a little because of the cold weather and all the snow.  But they are still moving forward!

Chickasaw 9 Cherokee 25

We’ve decided to keep a section open in each cabin so you can see old signatures from the past.  Here’s what it will look like.

Chickasaw 9 Signatures

I know all you Floridians have been experiencing some cold weather recently.  We are excited about next week because the weather channel is saying the temperature may actually reach 40 degrees!  There is still quite a bit of snow left from the storm 3 weeks ago and the lakes are freezing over.  It is unusual to see the Crestridge lake frozen because there usually isn’t any water in there.  So savor these next few pictures!

Crestridge Chapel in the snow Frozen Crestridge Lake-1 Frozen Crestridge Lake-2

Check back soon for more updates!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Fully Covered Decks

Posted by Sharon

It seems that soon after we give an update, a lot more gets finished the next day.  As of now, all the Chippewa and Chickasaw cabins have new roofs, new decks, and the new bathrooms framed.  They are looking great!  The decks are fully covered which makes them look even bigger.  They have put the new showers in the cabins and also started on the plumbing in Chippewa 1.  Check out the new pictures:

Chippewa 1 Chippewa 2 Chippewa 3

Chickasaw 4 Chickasaw 5 Chickasaw 7

Chickasaw 8 Chickasaw 9 Chippewa 1 Bathrooms

I’m not sure if you can notice any of the leaves in the background, but they sure are beautiful.  I think the color is almost at it’s peak.  It’s a great time to be in the mountains!

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