Construction Update

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The sun is shining and camp is finally free of the snow!  Don’t get us wrong the winter is a great part of our year, but spring will be arriving soon, and that means summer time is right around the corner.  The construction crews are getting busy trying install the rest of the showers and toilets, and things are coming along quickly.  All Chippewa cabins have their sinks, showers, and toilets installed, the majority of the Chickasaw cabins do as well.  Here’s a couple of shots of these brand new editions:

Sunshine Trail Chippewa 2

Chippewa 2 Close-Up Chippewa 3 sinks New Shower

Be looking for your Crestridge Bear Tracks newsletter, coming in the mail next week.  And be sure to comment and enjoy the spring weather!

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12 thoughts on “Construction Update”

  1. Ahhhhhhh!!! I can’t wait for camp!!!!!!! The cabins look awesome and one of my counslers, Regan story is coming back!!!!!!! Yippie!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!! 3rd session Choctaw baby!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was in a choctaw cabin that was re-done last year it was sooooooo(x100) nice. Are the rest of the choctaw cabins going to be remodeled by this summer? I cant wait!

  3. so which of the chicksaw cabins are done i was a chippaw last year and can’t wait to be a chicksaw this summer

  4. I`m sad they ripped up the old cabins there were signatures from 1955 but i`m still excited about new cabins

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