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Camp Ridgecrest Middle Green Flag Pole - Full MoonHAVE YOU ever had to give up something you really wanted? It may have been a toy, money, sports gear or even coming to camp.

For a friend of mine it was boots. We were on a mission trip in a foreign country. Our team had taken extra boots and clothing to give away while we were there. My friend wasn’t planning on giving away his brand new boots, but on our last day in the village, he felt compelled to give them away.

Read Ephesians 5:1-5. Concentrate on verse 2.

What did Paul tell the Ephesians to do?

What does it mean to be an imitator of God?

How can we be a sacrificial and fragrant offering to God?

Verse 2 points out that Jesus is our example. How should this affect our daily lives?

Why should we keep sexual immorality out of our lives?

Why are the things listed in verses 4 and 5 bad?

What does this passage have to do with pursuing a life that reflects well on Christ?

Giving something up is never easy, yet in these verses, we’re called to give ourselves up as offerings to God. Paul wanted believers to understand what it really meant to follow Christ as their example, laying down every moment of their lives in obedience to the Father. To do that, some things simply cannot be a part of our lives. People can’t see God in our lives when our lives are filled with junk. When we live to please God, our lives will be more joyful because we won’t be bogged down by all the weight of sin.

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4 thoughts on “Live By Example”

  1. My family just did spring cleaning & I had to get rid of alot.. & its pretty hard even though its mostly stuff i dont really need. We all take our old clothes and things we dont use anymore to the goodwill a couple blocks away from our house.. there are other people that can better appreciate things i had forgotten i even had.. Ephesians 5 is a really great read for things like that. 🙂
    “Live a life filled with love for others following the example of Christ who loved you & gave himself as a sacrafice to take away your sins…”

  2. my moto “It is better to give than to recieve.So many people need help and if we all pitch in we can help each other.Keaisha

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