The Sun is Shining!

Posted by Karah

That’s right you guys, the snow has finally melted away here at camp and spring has arrived.  Walking around Crestridge is so nice because the sun is shining, the grass is green, and the creek is just a flowing.  We are so excited about Springtime because that means summer is coming soon!  Here are a few pictures of camp without snow:

Sunshine through the trees The Creek  

Chapel The grass is green

We can hardly wait to for the summertime!  Oh, and check back soon to see pictures of Crestridge’s 2010 Clothing.

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23 thoughts on “The Sun is Shining!”

  1. That is awesome!I can not wait to see the river flowing and play in the water!I can not wait to line up to come in at 5:00a.m!I can not wait to see you guys this summer!

  2. Haha Arden!!!! I can’t wait to line up at 5:00 either!!!!!!

    Does anyone know the names of some of the songs from camp??? I want to get some on my iPhone, but of course when I need the names I can’t think of them!!!! Please help!!!!!!!! i <3 camp crestridge!!!!!

  3. I can not wait until camp. But I will have to wait til last session. Oh well I know it will be worth it.

  4. Got the Bear tracks thing in the maill the other day. Dee Dee and Becca are both coming back! This year is going to be amazing. Btw Ragan is comin to She is

  5. I agree with Grace Ragan is the bomb. and i cant wait till camp im going to the last session eveyone i know is coming back except for two but it still will be fun.

  6. I am very excited, so excited that I can’t wait to climb the choctaw/cheyenne stairs.(And that is very difficult to be excited about-LoL)Now if only we could skip the fourth nine weeks of school and go strait to camp..that would be amazing. Also, when will we find out who’s going to be on staff this summer? Only a few more monthes till June 9th, first day of camp. YIPPEE!

  7. I agree!!! Eagan is the bomb!!! She was my counsler …4th session…chey10 baby!!!! This year I’m going 3rd session and I am soooo excited!!!!!!!

  8. Some of the names of the songs are Fingerprints of God. I don’t remember any others. Sorry!!!

  9. I can`t wait until summer of 2010 seeing Marva, Nancy, Mrs.Johnnie, Shannon, Debbie, All my old freinds andthe beautiful world of Camp Crestridge for Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. well keaisha some advice about the friends thing you will make friends once you walk into the camp i did. you are goin to have a blast. soo what session are you going and what village. im goin to be a choctaw sooo yeah. hope you have fun at camp.:)

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