4 Villages Down, 1 to Go

Posted by Sharon

As of 3PM today (Nov. 23), there are only 3 cabins that need a new roof along with the cabin extension.  Those construction workers are just going so fast!  There has been a lot of progress since the last Construction Blog.  They have finished adding the roofs and extensions on all Cheyenne cabins and Choctaw 14.  They are almost finished with the electrical work on Cherokee Hill.  And they are finishing putting up the T1-11 in Chippewa 1 and putting the finishing touches on it.  T1-11 is the wood that is going on the inside walls of the cabins.  I know I keep saying this, but the cabins look so good!

Cheyenne 13 Cheyenne Bathrooms with Extension Choctaw 14

Chippewa 1 Bathroom Chippewa 1 Vanity

They haven’t actually finished a cabin yet, but they are getting the major stuff done first before it gets too cold.  Don’t forget, if you comment on any of our blogs, your name will be entered into our monthly drawing for a free store!

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Beginning the Renovations

Posted by Sharon

Construction officially began today!  As I walked through Crestridge this morning, I could hear the sound of chain saws cutting and hammers pounding.  In order to start the demo inside the cabins, everything had to be moved out.  That includes 240 beds, 240 matresses, 200 night stands, 40 dressers, and several small tables.  So, we called in some guys to come help us out!  Wayne, the Ridgecrest intern, and eight other guys spent almost 3 days moving all the furniture to the gym.  Now our gym, as you can see below, is filled with furniture.

Left side of gym Middle of Gym Right side of gym

I don’t believe I have ever seen an older cabin completely empty before.  You can tell from the pictures below that they need some help.  They are just a little dirty.

Chip 1 Cheyenne 10 Cherokee 25

We had a couple Alumni come in this past weekend to save some boards from Cherokee 25 that were going to be replaced.  Since that cabin is designed different than the others, we were able to salvage some of the signatures.

The next step in the renovation process is to remove the roofs, take out the toilets and sinks, and remove the bathroom walls.  By 10:30AM today, they had almost completed those tasks in Chippewa 1.

Chippewa 1 Another view of Chip 1 Another view of Chip 1

It’s an exciting time here at Crestridge!  We are so thankful for the ways God has and continues to bless and provide for us!

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Construction Update #1

Posted by Sharon

We’ve finished step one of the construction project!  The land has been cleared for the five new cabins.  Now all we have to do is build them!  Ron, Phil, and I have ordered the materials, taken construction classes, and have gotten our hard hats.  We’re ready to build!

Well, I’m glad that’s a joke or else no one would want to sleep in those cabins.  We are in the process of finalizing contracts and getting those signed.  Once finished, the footers will go up!  It won’t be long till we will hear pounding, sawing, and all those construction sounds.  Check out the pictures to see the latest view.  To see a larger image, click on the picture.

This space, along with the Chip/Chick hut, will be a staff cabin

This space, along with the hut, will be used for a Staff cabin

This will be a Chickasaw cabin

The space where the hut is will be a new cabin.

The orange flags mark the start of the new cabin, built in place of the hut.

This space, right below the hut, will be a new cabin

This space, right above Boulder Junction and

across from Choctaw 2, will be a new cabin

This space along with the hut will be a new Cherokee cabin

As you can see, we are making great progress which is very exciting!  Continue to check back to get more updates.

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Ground Breaking News

Posted by Sharon

Well, after several months of praying, planning, meeting with contractors, more praying, more planning, and more meetings with contractors, we’ve finally taken it to the next step!  As of Wednesday, September 24th, we officially began clearing the land for the new cabins.  It is all very exciting but also a little scary at the same time.  There’s no turning back now!  The leaders of Ridgecrest Summer Camps truly believe this is the direction God is leading us in.  We will now have the opportunity and privilege of impacting 400 extra campers between both camps each summer!  What an honor!  My goal is to give you weekly updates about the construction that may include pictures and short video clips.  So please check back regularly!

This will be a new Chickasaw cabin
New Chickasaw Cabin will be here!
Standing on the road behind Chickasaw 3
Standing in the road looking at where the New Chickasaw Cabin will be.

Looking down the hill at Chickasaw 3.

If you have the time, please visit our “Give” page to see how you and your family can get involved with the project.

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