Construction Update #1

Posted by Sharon

We’ve finished step one of the construction project!  The land has been cleared for the five new cabins.  Now all we have to do is build them!  Ron, Phil, and I have ordered the materials, taken construction classes, and have gotten our hard hats.  We’re ready to build!

Well, I’m glad that’s a joke or else no one would want to sleep in those cabins.  We are in the process of finalizing contracts and getting those signed.  Once finished, the footers will go up!  It won’t be long till we will hear pounding, sawing, and all those construction sounds.  Check out the pictures to see the latest view.  To see a larger image, click on the picture.

This space, along with the Chip/Chick hut, will be a staff cabin

This space, along with the hut, will be used for a Staff cabin

This will be a Chickasaw cabin

The space where the hut is will be a new cabin.

The orange flags mark the start of the new cabin, built in place of the hut.

This space, right below the hut, will be a new cabin

This space, right above Boulder Junction and

across from Choctaw 2, will be a new cabin

This space along with the hut will be a new Cherokee cabin

As you can see, we are making great progress which is very exciting!  Continue to check back to get more updates.

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