Another Snowy Day in Ridgecrest

Posted by Sharon

Once again Jack Frost himself has covered our lovely camp with white snow.  This time we received about 6 inches of the white fluffy stuff and are truly enjoying it to the fullest.  Here are some pictures of your home away from home covered in snow:

 Chapel Creek Cheyenne/Choctaw Steps

 Campfire Area Chip/Chick Playground

Also, even through the cold winter days our construction crews are moving along with enthusiasm.  All of the Cheyenne and Choctaw cabins have their siding up, and the Cherokee cabins are getting their new inside walls.  Cherokee 25 seems like a completely new building with a higher ceiling and open floor plans- these changes are so exciting!  Here are a few pictures to show the updated construction with more to come soon.

Cheyenne 11 Looking down Choctaw Hill Cheyenne 12

New walls in Cherokee 25 Back wall of Cherokee 25

Check in soon for more updates and remember to comment for your chance of winning a Free Store!

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17 thoughts on “Another Snowy Day in Ridgecrest”

  1. I bet it would be fun to have Camp in the winter time!!! By the way, the cabins are coming along nicely!!!!!!!!

  2. Is the infirmary on the list of improvements around camp? We are going to feel left out when everyone else has such nice cabins to live in. I am going to have to vist sometime when there is no leaves on the trees and snow on the ground. It looks so different.

  3. Well Vicki, I don’t know about the infirmary. We are going to do a few things to help you out. But it’s not going to be like the new cabins. Yes, you should definitely come see camp in the winter. It’s so pretty!

  4. The snow almost reached me. We just got a bunch of rain. So much it flooded!
    The cabins look lovely! Yall are doing a splendid job!

  5. the creek looks so pretty with the snow!!

    i bet those cabins will be done within the month you’re working so fast!

  6. Wow it is soooo pretty. I’m in Kentucky and it is snowing here too. We are suppose to get more snow today even though we already have 8 inches of snow already. The camp looks so pretty that I wish I was there right now.

  7. It snowed in South Georgia where I live. It was the first time since I’ve lived here!! They canceled all schools except ours and two others which was sad! 🙁 But in between classes we went and played in the snow!! It was so much fun. IT would have been better at camp though!!!

  8. In Orangeburg it snowed for once it usually never snows here!! We got 5 inches of snow and we didn’t have to go to school!!!!!!!!

  9. the snow looks amazing!! we could have a snowball fight instead of sock war if we were at camp right now….

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