Construction Update #2

Posted by Sharon

The construction crew is moving right along and staying busy.  At this point, the huts have been cleared, exact cabin measurements and placement have been marked, and the holes for the footers have been dug.  Within the next day or two, they will pour the footers.

As you can see above, the Village Director huts have been torn down to be replaced by camper cabins and a staff cabin.

The yellow strings indicate the size and height of the cabin.  The wood also marks off the site of the cabin.  The last picture was taken from the bottom of Choctaw hill looking up at where the new cabins will be.

The new cabins will be 18×30 plus a 10 ft. covered porch.  To give you a better idea, they will be the same size as a Chippewa cabin.  The good news is that eventually all the existing cabins will be this size and have covered porches.  That is something to look forward to for all you Cheyennes and Choctaws!

Keep checking back for more updates and pictures!

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  1. How exciting! I am praying already for a safe and speedy completion of this project. Though changes can sometimes be sad I know the Lord wants us to grow…Crestridge too!

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