Construction Update #5: More Floors!

Posted by Sharon

The cabin floors are almost finished!  As of yesterday, they were half way done on the last Choctaw and new Cherokee cabin.  Due to the rain today, I’m sure they will finish tomorrow.  Abby and I took quite a few pictures, so bear with us!  If you would like to see the pictures full size, simply click on the picture!

You can see in the last picture what the hill looks like in the fall and that without the leaves you can see much farther.

The first picture of the new Cherokee cabin was taken from outside the old Cheyenne bath house which will be turned into a staff cabin.  The next picture was taken coming down the road to Cherokee hill.

Abby and I decided to take a nap in the new Chickasaw cabin to show all you Chickasaws where you may be sleeping this summer!  We also wanted to show you what the lake looks like in the fall.  As you can see, there is no water, but look how much you can see behind the trees.

We were finally able to upload a video!  Click HERE to check out Cheyenne and Choctaw hill and be sure to listen for the beautiful sound of hammering in the background!

We are hoping to have pictures posted next week as they start on the new Bear Trap.  Thanks for joining with us on this endeavor, please continue to pray for us as we continue to move forward!

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5 thoughts on “Construction Update #5: More Floors!”

  1. I am so excited about returning to camp in the summer of 2009. I have been waiting since I left this summer. I am looking forward to a even better summer now that I know all about camp crestridge. I like the pictures with the new cabins being built. I hope I get to be in one.

  2. We are adding 3 new cabins to Chey/Choc Hill. They are actually going to be all Choctaw cabins because they are going in directly across from Choctaw 2,3, and 4. That way we will keep the hills separated. I’d love to answer any other questions you have!

  3. Hey sharon, I have a question! lol, Its not only the new cabins going up, the old cabins are being fixed up too, right? 🙂

  4. It is only the new cabins for this summer. We are hoping to renovate all of the existing cabins to look like the new ones within the next couple years. So eventually they will all be “up to date”!

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