Crestridge’s Funniest Videos: Installment #3

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The new year has arrived and I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas season!  I headed up north for a couple weeks where I was met with snow and ice while Sharon headed south to warmer weather and swam with manatees.  But now it’s the new year and that means some of you will be heading back to school while others will be getting back into the routine of things at work.  And the new year also brings…new video clips!!

The first clip below shows how important the weeks leading up to camp are.  Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning is needed, and done, before camp is ready for all you staff and campers.  The staff are never quite sure what they’ll find in the cabins when first arriving!  

The second video is a short clip from one of the Choctaw activities…slippery twister is just like it sounds…slippery.

 Keep checking back for more fun video footage!

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One thought on “Crestridge’s Funniest Videos: Installment #3”

  1. hahaha i loved the staff cleaning week!! Catherine was like “it’s going to bring a bear!” it was great! 🙂

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