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Read This Passage: John 14:1-6

In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if not, I would have told you. I am going away to prepare a place for you. —John 14:2

MOVING DAY! Those are two words that bring a rush of mixed emotions to just about anyone. If you haven’t personally experienced the adventure and trauma of moving, then maybe you have had the experience of waving good-bye as a friend moved away.  Anyone who moves usually has a sense of loss over what is being left behind. Many times, though, this sense of loss is off-set by the anticipation of what new opportunities may lay ahead.  Usually in moving, though, the greatest loss one experiences is that of leaving friends. Because each relationship is unique, when a friend leaves, you experience a deep loss. Friends are irreplaceable. But what if you knew that in the future you were moving to the same town as your friend? It would be so much easier to be apart if you knew that it was only for a short time. There would also be an added sense of eagerness about the future.

Is this how you feel about heaven? Many people look forward to heaven so they may once again see a friend or family member who died. While this can be a very valid hope, it should not be our primary reason to want to go to heaven.

Today’s key verse tells us Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us: heaven. We have a lot of ideas about heaven, gold streets included. The most important thing you need to know about heaven is that you’ll be with God. You’ll meet Jesus face-to-face. You’ll live in the presence of perfect holiness. Since Jesus has already gone before us, “Moving Day” should take on an entirely new meaning—a meaning of hope. Are you ready?

Real Choices
How are you preparing for your eternal move? Are you putting a lot of things in earthly storage, rather than gaining treasures that will transfer to heaven? Take an inventory of your possessions and decide if they serve an eternal purpose or are weighing you down on this earth.

Digging Deeper
A lot of people claim there are many roads to God. Read John 14:6 again. How many ways are there to heaven?

Thank You, God, for the promise of heaven. Thank You for preparing a place for me. I can’t wait to be in Your presence!

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