Rustic Cabin Feeling

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The walls are up in the bear trap and I can almost picture sitting in there on a cold winter’s day with a fire going in the background.  Okay, so there’s no fireplace in there and during the summer it doesn’t get all that cold, comparatively speaking.  However, the walls that are in there just give you that cozy cabin feeling.  Mark my words, this building is going to be a major hang out spot for this summer and many summers to come!  The bottom floor walls are finished (what you see below in the pictures) and the top floor should be done very soon.  


As for the cabins themselves, much, much more has been done since the last post.  It’s hard for us in the office to keep up with the construction crews!  The water pipes and electrical wiring have been added in most of the cabins.  There’s even an emergency sprinkler system now…which we hope to never need to use!  The showers are installed and the tile flooring is in.  The framework around the shower and toilet is almost done….see for yourself.


In the last picture, you can see the granite sinks that will soon be installed.  Also waiting to be installed is the wood you see on the floor which will soon be on the walls.  There’s nothing like the smell of fresh wood to give you that rustic cabin feeling!

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4 thoughts on “Rustic Cabin Feeling”

  1. Good question Grace. The dimensions of the new cabins are same as the old ones. However, in the new cabins the bathrooms and showers are in the back instead of near the door. With the showers set back, the living space does look more open and bigger…even though in reality it’s not. I can’t wait until everyone is here and can see the new cabins and buildings in person!

  2. I will miss writing on the cabin walls….. but I am happy that we have better cabins! Last year in my cabin Mckenzie was stepping into the shower and the floor broke! There was a big whole in the floor!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Are they tearing down all of the old cabins and rebuilding them or just building a couple of new ones?

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