Video Tours of New Buildings

Posted by Karah

Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with the posts on the new cabins, Bear Trap and dining hall.  You’ve seen the latest pictures and are up to date on the news.  Well, now we wanted to give you a 360 video tour of the buildings.  The first clip is one of the new camper cabins.  Everything is done, now it’s just waiting to be used by campers and staff.

The next couple clips are of the Bear Trap.  The first one shows the downstairs offices.  There’s a lot more organizing that’ll be done (both downstairs and upstairs) before everyone arrives, but you’ll get a feel for the place from the videos.  During the summer, campers and staff can go in and out as needed on the this floor.

This shows the upstairs on the Bear Trap.  It’ll house the staff lounge and VD office and because of that, only staff will be allowed upstairs during the summer.

And finally, a short clip of the dining hall with its new floor.  It’ll look much different in a few short weeks.  All of the tables and chairs will be moved back inside ready for mealtimes.

For those of you new to Crestridge, hopefully this will help you feel more familiar with the place on opening day.  For you returning campers, I hope this makes you even more excited to be at Crestridge this summer!

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Moving Into the Bear Trap

Posted by Karah

During the work weekend furniture was moved from the dining hall to the Bear Trap. This is just one more thing telling us that summer is almost here!  I took some pictures (because now we take pictures of pretty much everything) of how the building looks with furniture in it.  Here’s a look at the downstairs offices:

                    Janie's office Marva and Sharon's office

                             Now the upstairs…here’s the staff lounge:

                    Staff lounge from the doorway Staff lounge from the back corner

                                                  and the VD office:

                    VD office from the doorway VD office from the back corner

                               Notice the nice counter top village directors?

Of course this isn’t how things will look when everyone arrives for the summer (everything will be much more organized), but it’s a great start!

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Let There Be Light!

Posted by Karah

 It’s the little things in life that need to be celebrated, in my opinion.  And another little step towards finishing construction has been taken…we now have electricity in the Bear Trap!  

                       Lights in the lobby area Lobby lights 

                                             Bathroom lights

Each thing that’s done only brings us closer to summer being here!  It’ll be here before any of us know it!

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The Bear Trap…With Floors

Posted by Karah

The floors were finally installed in the Bear Trap and I must say they look good!  Now I know that I’m a little bias, but look for yourself at the pics below.

Hardwood flooring in Sharon & Marva's office Flooring in front office Front office flooring again

Check out that nice shine on the hardwood floor!  The same flooring was added in the staff lounge and VD offices upstairs.

Also added were the combination locks on the upstairs offices…                          

                                               Combination lock on the staff lounge

Things are definitely coming together for the summer.  There’s a few minor things that need to be done and then it’ll be time to move in all the furniture!  Then before you know it, it’ll be May and the building will be in use!!

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Adding Character to the Bear Trap

Posted by Sharon

The fixtures are in!  Last week, the crew put in the lights and fans, both inside and out.  They also put in the toilets and sinks in the bathrooms.  Having the lights and fans up add a lot of character!

Lights in the lobby Marva and Sharon's Office

Staff Lounge Downstairs Bathroom Entrance to Bathroom

Hayne and Phil in front of the Bear Trap Hayne and Phil are being crazy as usual!  Hayne and his family live in Black Mountain and help us out with the videos during the summer.  He also does odd jobs around camp during the year.

The construction crew has a few more little things to finish and then they will be able to put in the hardwood floors!  Hopefully within the next week or two!  We’ll keep you posted!

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Bear Trap Construction

Posted by Karah

Well, like always, a lot has been done since the last update.  The inside walls have been installed and are now coated with a sealing agent (both floors I might add).  The windows and doors all have framing around them.  The tile has been laid, again, in both bathrooms.  Ron, Sharon and Phil have chosen fixtures for electrical stuff which should be installed soon.  And the nice hardwood floor should be going in anytime now.  As for the outside, the crew finished painting it the deep brown that we chose.  With the green tin roof, it should look great come summertime surrounded by all the foliage!  

The first few pics are of the outside, obviously, and then the bottom floor with the lovely window and door framing.


Now take a look at the staff lounge on the second floor…notice the tile on the bathroom floor.


And yes, even with all the new additions we still advertise camp as a rustic camp!

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Rustic Cabin Feeling

Posted by Karah

The walls are up in the bear trap and I can almost picture sitting in there on a cold winter’s day with a fire going in the background.  Okay, so there’s no fireplace in there and during the summer it doesn’t get all that cold, comparatively speaking.  However, the walls that are in there just give you that cozy cabin feeling.  Mark my words, this building is going to be a major hang out spot for this summer and many summers to come!  The bottom floor walls are finished (what you see below in the pictures) and the top floor should be done very soon.  


As for the cabins themselves, much, much more has been done since the last post.  It’s hard for us in the office to keep up with the construction crews!  The water pipes and electrical wiring have been added in most of the cabins.  There’s even an emergency sprinkler system now…which we hope to never need to use!  The showers are installed and the tile flooring is in.  The framework around the shower and toilet is almost done….see for yourself.


In the last picture, you can see the granite sinks that will soon be installed.  Also waiting to be installed is the wood you see on the floor which will soon be on the walls.  There’s nothing like the smell of fresh wood to give you that rustic cabin feeling!

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Bear Trap Update

Posted by Karah

It’s been just over a week since we last posted pictures of the Bear Trap…well, brace yourself for what’s coming next!  Everyday something new has been added.  As it stands now, there are not only walls, but also doors and windows; the rooms have been defined (giving us lots of space I might add!!!); the steps for both levels are done and the railings have been added.  Take a look below to see the progress that’s been made so far.


As you can tell from the pictures, there will be several access points to the bottom floor.  There is a ramp and set of stairs on the chipp/chick side and stair access all around in the front.  The second floor is only accessed from the stairs on the right.  The left side door offers entrance to the staff lounge and the right side gives entrance to the village director’s office. 

None of us here at camp can believe how fast it was constructed and how good it looks!  Personally, I’m looking forward to May when it is completely finished and I can sit on the wrap around porch in a new rocking chair.  Hopefully many of you reading this will be able to fulfill that dream right alongside me.

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Demolition of Bear Trap

Posted by Sharon

It’s time to step away from the cabin construction and inform you of more “groundbreaking news”.  This may be sad news to some of you, but it’s all going to look great in the end!  Around 10AM Thursday morning, a crew of workers started clearing land for the new Bear Trap.  We took several pictures and video footage to let you see what we experienced that morning.

There are 7 short video clips you can watch.  We suggest watching all starting at #1 because it is a progression.  Demolition #1 Demolition #2 Demolition #3 Demolition #4 Demolition #5 Demolition #6 Demolition #7

They almost have all of the dirt taken away so they can mark where the footers will be.  The construction crew is not wasting any time with this project either.  They are working hard in this cold weather!

Check back soon because we’re hoping to have another blog posted before Thanksgiving.  If not, have a happy Thanksgiving!

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