Construction Update: Dining Hall Foundation

Posted by Sharon

This past Wednesday the construction crew started laying the blocks for the foundation of the addition.  The crew even let us help lay a block!  It’s neat to now see exactly where the Cooking Classroom, Staff Lounge and Drama Den will be.

Dining Hall Additionphoto 1 (13)photo 2 (16)photo 3 (11)

Additional Laundry Space

Additional Laundry Space

New staff lounge and cooking classroom

New staff lounge and cooking classroom

Drama Area

Drama Area

We are hoping to start clearing land up on the Ridge soon so we can start building cabins and all the other fun stuff that will be going up there!  We’ll keep you posted as we move along!



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Retro Friday Begins

Posted by Sharon

The first summer at Camp Crestridge was 1955 which means we’ve celebrated 57 summers!  That is a lot of history, pictures, stories, etc.  We’d like to show you what camp was like “back then”.  Every Friday, we are going to post a blog that will highlight different parts about camp through the years.

Today’s focus is the beginning of the Dining Hall.  Did you know that when camp began in 1955, the Dining Hall wasn’t even built yet?  The campers and staff had to put their dresses on and walk to the Ridgecrest Conference Center to eat every meal.  And remember, the roads weren’t paved yet.  They had to walk on the dirt roads.  How would you like to do that now?

As you can see, these pictures are of the Dining Hall being built after camp began.  Sometimes it is hard to imagine what camp was like before all the buildings were here.  We are thankful for the way God has provided for us and grown camp through the years!

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Video Tours of New Buildings

Posted by Karah

Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with the posts on the new cabins, Bear Trap and dining hall.  You’ve seen the latest pictures and are up to date on the news.  Well, now we wanted to give you a 360 video tour of the buildings.  The first clip is one of the new camper cabins.  Everything is done, now it’s just waiting to be used by campers and staff.

The next couple clips are of the Bear Trap.  The first one shows the downstairs offices.  There’s a lot more organizing that’ll be done (both downstairs and upstairs) before everyone arrives, but you’ll get a feel for the place from the videos.  During the summer, campers and staff can go in and out as needed on the this floor.

This shows the upstairs on the Bear Trap.  It’ll house the staff lounge and VD office and because of that, only staff will be allowed upstairs during the summer.

And finally, a short clip of the dining hall with its new floor.  It’ll look much different in a few short weeks.  All of the tables and chairs will be moved back inside ready for mealtimes.

For those of you new to Crestridge, hopefully this will help you feel more familiar with the place on opening day.  For you returning campers, I hope this makes you even more excited to be at Crestridge this summer!

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A Face Lift for the Dining Hall

Posted by Karah

                                   New porch on the dining hall

That’s a nice front view of the new porch addition to the dining hall.  Since we’ve added more campers and staff we needed more space in the dining hall.  So during the off season we knocked out walls and added the porch area.  But that’s not all being done to the dining hall!  We figured this was a great year to refinish the floors. All the tables, chairs and other miscellaneous items have been moved into the kitchen so the job could get done.  So far, the workers have only sanded the floor, but it looks like new already!  Take a look for yourself:

        Sanding the floors Step 1:  Sanding the floors

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Hello New Bear Trap and Dining Hall

Posted by Karah

Well, as stated in a previous blog, the framing of the new bear trap did start this past Monday.  With that said though, the framing won’t be done by Christmas.  Instead, it’ll actually be done much, much sooner…as in by THIS FRIDAY!!!  So I guess technically, it will be done by Christmas.  The shell of the building has pretty much gone up overnight.  The crew is working so hard it’s unreal!  They work when it’s sunny, when it’s raining and would probably work even if it were snowing.  Check out the pictures below to see the progress.


No lie, all of the above was built in two days!!  As you can see it’s a two-story building which when finished will have a nice wrap around porch where we’ll have rocking chairs during the summer.  As for the dining hall, of course it’s not new, but with additional campers and staff it does need to be renovated.  Before any walls could be knocked down, the offices needed to be cleared out.  Below are pics of the empty offices and a short video clip showing the dining hall as it looks right now.


No walls have been knocked down yet, but they have started building the porch extension…take a look.


These days it’s pretty much impossible to visit camp without seeing some kind of construction happening.  Keep checking back for more updates!

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