Video Tours of New Buildings

Posted by Karah

Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with the posts on the new cabins, Bear Trap and dining hall.  You’ve seen the latest pictures and are up to date on the news.  Well, now we wanted to give you a 360 video tour of the buildings.  The first clip is one of the new camper cabins.  Everything is done, now it’s just waiting to be used by campers and staff.

The next couple clips are of the Bear Trap.  The first one shows the downstairs offices.  There’s a lot more organizing that’ll be done (both downstairs and upstairs) before everyone arrives, but you’ll get a feel for the place from the videos.  During the summer, campers and staff can go in and out as needed on the this floor.

This shows the upstairs on the Bear Trap.  It’ll house the staff lounge and VD office and because of that, only staff will be allowed upstairs during the summer.

And finally, a short clip of the dining hall with its new floor.  It’ll look much different in a few short weeks.  All of the tables and chairs will be moved back inside ready for mealtimes.

For those of you new to Crestridge, hopefully this will help you feel more familiar with the place on opening day.  For you returning campers, I hope this makes you even more excited to be at Crestridge this summer!

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Work Weekend

Posted by Karah

As most of you know, there’s been a bunch of construction going on here at Crestridge (if you’re not familiar with all of it, then take some time and read some older blogs about the cabins and new Bear Trap).  And with all the construction comes many more little details that need to be done before any campers or staff arrive.  In order to get things done in time this year , we added another spring work weekend.  Around forty people showed up and we had a ton of fun!  It was a good mix of former staff, current staff, new staff, alumni and camp friends.

                     Volunteers for the weekend

The main thing for the weekend was putting together bunk beds for the new cabins…which the above crew knocked out in no time!  Other things that got done were moving furniture into new buildings, clearing out the dining hall completely so the floors can be refinished, raking leaves (always plenty of that needed after the fall and winter), and a few other little things.  With the bunk beds assembled the cabins are definitely ready and just waiting to be used now!  Check out how the cabins look with beds in them:

      Looking into the cabin from the doorway Looking towards the door from the back of the cabin

Thank you to everyone who came and helped out!

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Cabin, Sweet Cabin

Posted by Karah

We realized that it’s been a little while since we’ve done a post about the new cabins, so here you are!  At this point, not much else needs to be done to them in preparation for the summer.  The plumbing in some of the cabins needs to be completed.  Then final inspections and lastly, moving in the beds and other small furniture pieces.  Below are pictures of how they look right now.  

                                           Inside view a new cabin

                Front and side of a new cabin  Front, covered porch of new cabin

So there you have it…this is what will be home, sweet home for some of you this summer!

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Cabins are almost done

Posted by Karah

You’ve read about the progress on the Bear Trap and the transformed Chey/Choc/Cher hut.  (If you haven’t read those posts, read this one first and then go read those!)  Well, now it’s time to see the progress on the cabins.  Let’s see, where to begin?  

1.  Inside walls are up   

2.  Light fixtures are in

3.  Showers are installed, as is the tile floor right outside it

4.  Granite sinks (minus the fixtures) are in

5.  Outside has been painted on most of the cabins

The pics below show the inside of the Chipp/Chick hut and the cabins on the other hills. 


The video below gives you a 360 audio tour of the Chipp/Chick hut.  What you see in the clip is pretty much what all the new cabins look like on the inside.

I can’t believe how fast the cabins have been done.  It seems like I arrived only yesterday and all that was done so far was the ground had been cleared.  Now the cabins are up and almost ready for all you campers and staff.  It’s only three months from now when some of you will be moving in and experiencing it all for yourself…can you believe it?!?!

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Bear Trap Construction

Posted by Karah

Well, like always, a lot has been done since the last update.  The inside walls have been installed and are now coated with a sealing agent (both floors I might add).  The windows and doors all have framing around them.  The tile has been laid, again, in both bathrooms.  Ron, Sharon and Phil have chosen fixtures for electrical stuff which should be installed soon.  And the nice hardwood floor should be going in anytime now.  As for the outside, the crew finished painting it the deep brown that we chose.  With the green tin roof, it should look great come summertime surrounded by all the foliage!  

The first few pics are of the outside, obviously, and then the bottom floor with the lovely window and door framing.


Now take a look at the staff lounge on the second floor…notice the tile on the bathroom floor.


And yes, even with all the new additions we still advertise camp as a rustic camp!

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Here a Cabin, there a Cabin, Everywhere a Cabin

Posted by Karah

I know that I’ve said this before, but I can’t believe how fast the cabins are being built.  The last few posts about the cabins showed pictures of floors and walls, but now they look like the real deal!  Ron, Phil, Sharon and myself trekked over to Crestridge again this afternoon and were amazed by the progress of a few short days.  Not only are there floors and walls, but now there are roofs, covered porches and even showers in one of the choctaw cabins!  Below are some shots of the progress on the new Chickasaw camper cabin. 


Now here are some pictures on the construction over on Choctaw hill.  Take particular notice of the dual shower stalls…warm water for everyone…get excited


The Cherokee cabin only has the footers and floor finished right now.  But it shouldn’t be long before the framing, walls and roof is added to it also.  If you’re ever in the area, stop on by so we can show you in person.  Otherwise, keep enjoying the updates here online.

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