Cabin, Sweet Cabin

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We realized that it’s been a little while since we’ve done a post about the new cabins, so here you are!  At this point, not much else needs to be done to them in preparation for the summer.  The plumbing in some of the cabins needs to be completed.  Then final inspections and lastly, moving in the beds and other small furniture pieces.  Below are pictures of how they look right now.  

                                           Inside view a new cabin

                Front and side of a new cabin  Front, covered porch of new cabin

So there you have it…this is what will be home, sweet home for some of you this summer!

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52 thoughts on “Cabin, Sweet Cabin”

  1. The cabins are in fact already painted. They’re a light tan color, which is why you may think they’re not painted. We won’t be doing any painting to the wood on the porches or inside the cabins.

  2. WOW! These look AMAZING!! I can’t wait to have another awesome summer here filled with great experiences!

    will we still be aloud to write our names on them?

  4. in the old cabins, there is writing like all over the walls, and bunks. are we gonna do that to the new cabins?

  5. I’m gonna do my best to answer all the above questions. First off, the paint job you see in the above pictures (a light tan color) is the final color of the cabins. They won’t be painted the village colors.

    We’re building 3 new cabins on Cheyenne/Choctaw hill and this summer they will probably all be Choctaw. So, this summer at least, there will be a total of 7 Choctaw cabins.

    As for signing the walls in the new cabins, we will ask all the staff and campers NOT to sign. However, we will give each cabin something to sign that will be hung inside the cabin.

    Hope that answers all the questions so far!

  6. The set up in the new cabins is the same as in the old. From the blog posts it may seem like we’re changing a lot around camp, but we’re actually not. So the counselor to camper ratio is still 2 to 10. That means it’s still 2 counselors and 10 campers in a cabin the majority of the time. In one or two cabins we might put 3 counselors.

  7. i heard a rumor cher. 1 is going to become cherokee 25…whats going to happen to cherokee 1 and all there cheers at dinner?

  8. The older cabins will be renovated in the next few years and all will eventually be the light tan color that you see in the pictures above. That way the cabins will look more uniform and we can easily change a cabin to a different village if needed and not worry about the colors being off.

    And yes, the numbering is going to change also. The cabins will be numbered 1-25. So Chipp 8 will become Chipp 1 and Cher 1 will become Cher 25. It will be less confusing that way. And not to worry, Cher 25 can still do cheers at dinner time. The only difference being is now they will say Cher 25 instead of Cher 1.

  9. These look great! Although, I’m gonna miss the cabins painted the village colors! And all the writing on the walls 🙂 haha

  10. are the choctaw numbers gonna stay the same? and is there a difference between the old choctaw cabins and the new?

  11. The numbers are going to be 1-25 so the choctaws will be sorta in the middle. the chippewas will be 1-3 or so. and the cherokees 20-25 or so. and the new choctaw cabins have 2 bathrooms and showers, and the sink is out side the bathrooms. The porches are also a little bigger. that is about it…

  12. the cabins look good! it’s a good idea to make the cabins 1-25 because I can never remember my cabin number! i see everyone going… ” I LOVE YOU CHEY. 7!” and then I am like…”yea, I love you Choctaw cabin whos number escapes me!” 🙂

  13. Looks good!A few questions though;
    1. how many new cabins will there be?
    2. who gets to stay in the new cabins?
    3. so, since there are more choctaw cabins, will we have to stay in choctaw longer?

    thanks, cant wait to see it in person

  14. 1. There are 5 new camper cabins: 1 Chickasaw, 3 Choctaw and 1 Cherokee.
    2. The cabins , starting this summer, will be numbered 1-25 and same as previous summers, your age during the summer will determine which cabin you stay in…it may be one of the new ones or it may be one of the older ones.
    3. No, you will not have to stay in the Choctaw village longer, that village has been the biggest for a number of years so we are simply expanding it to accommodate more campers in that age group.

    Can’t wait for you to see it in person Haylee!

  15. this all looks sooooooo cool. this is my first summer coming to camp, and i cant wait! 1st session baby! a month and a half left! cant wait! i have a few questions though.
    i dont get the whole numbering 1-25 thing. can you explain it again? 😀
    whats the difference between the old and the new cabins?
    does it matter which one your in?
    do we find out on opening day?
    thanks so much! i cant wait to meet ya’ll when i get there! im so looking forward to it!!

  16. New cabins have 2 showers instead of 1
    I do not think it matters which one you are in
    We do find out on opening day
    Are you going to be a cheyanne i am and ia
    am going the first 4 weeks this is my 2nd year

  17. im gonna be a choctaw, and this is my first year. im also going session 1A. now i totally want to meet you! lol!

  18. Yeah that would be really cool!
    My sister is going to be a choctaw.
    quick tip if you want a top bunk get in line early. LOL!
    But it would be totally awsome if we could see each other at camp.
    I can not wait we are going to have a blast this year.
    I am sure that you will have a great time!

  19. thanks! i know i will! i really want the top bunk, so thanks for the tip! the girl im bunking with promised i could get top, and she could get bottom! double lol! so yeah, we should totally set up a place to meet each other!

  20. Not all Choctaws will be in new cabins. There will be 7 cabins total in the Choctaw Village this summer. 3 out of 7 will be new cabins.

  21. We did not redo all the cabins. We built 5 new cabins that are dispersed among the Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Cherokee Villages. We are hoping to redo all the old cabins in the future though. But for this year, we just added the 5 new cabins.

  22. is it possible 4 u to list the staff online??? i wanna c if my fav counsler is coming…Joy Elizibeth (Joy Beth, or JB) and also lindsey lundy.. if chick three is out there… i <3 u guys… keller, merideth, allie, judy joe, emily, emily, alyssa, claire i miss u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  23. srry is the bear trap the little thing across from the dining hall.. the thing with the 2square outline in it … i cant remember… will u list the staff??? i mean the counslers… also r all of the old SALT girls now jets????

  24. hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait till camp!!!!! i have`a calendar at home and in my locker to count down the days!!!!!!!!

  25. Unfortunately Joy Beth and Lindsey are not coming back this summer. We have a great staff lined up and we’ll try to write a blog soon with all the returning staff. Some of the SALT girls are JETs now but not all of them.
    The Bear Trap is across from the Dining Hall but it’s not so small now. Check out the pictures of the Bear Trap now! You can find them on previous blogs.

  26. hey! i am sooooo psyched out for camp! can you believe there is a month till crestridge from today! im going to session 1A!! cant wait!

  27. i am going session 2b but i am still psyched!! 71 days untill xtreme awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss the cabins soo much they became my 2nd home!!!!

  28. rachel, do you know sophia, she is in 6th grade in fl, and she said u went 2 crestridge, so i wanted to know

  29. ok well i didnt know if that was u she only said that there was a girl named rachel that she new and that she went to crestridge, what session r u going, and what village, and srry one more thing, how many years have u gone 2 camp here?????? sorry for so many questions, i am a cheyenne (srry idk how 2 spell it) session 2b (i think ) and this will b my 2nd year!!!

  30. ohhh i saw ur earlier post, darn u r goingg 1a i wanted 2 meet u!!!!!!!!!! omg i am soo bored, but, only 68 more days (not counting today)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  31. Sharon… please post the staff!! i want to see it ,,, i know the cheyene VD she lives in my BFF’s (who is also coming to camp with me) neighborhood.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  32. hey delaney! darn! i wanted to meet you too! bummer! im gonna be a choctaw this year and i am psyched out!

  33. OMG THE LAST FEW DAYS OF SCHOOL HAVE BEEN sooooooooooooooooo boring this year, finals, finals, finals!!! only ummm i cant find my calendar, soo all u ppl that r out there, and want to no when the session2b is gonna start, then i will post later!!!! also if you have a wii post ur # so we can be wii friends!!

  34. can you please list which conselors will be in which village? or is that not decided? thanks so much! see you guys in 2 weeks from today!!!!!!!!!!

  35. hiii!!!! c u all in 33 days!!!! will u please list what counslers r in what cabins???? how come you havent been writing us back?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
    i CANT WAIT 4 CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. why arnt they going to be painted the village colors???? this is so sad. i hope it wont lose its tradition. 🙁

  37. We are painting them the same color so we can use one cabin for 2 different villages. It would be at separate times of course. Let’s say one summer we have a lot of Chippewas so we need 4 cabins. The next year we may not have many so we can use one of their cabins for the Chickasaw village. Next year, all the signs on the cabins will be painted the color of the village. Don’t worry, we will still use the village colors!

  38. Why is the Chyenne village so small? How many cabins are in this village? If we have a smaller village than how will the Cheyennes compete in the camp activities? Also, how will the numbering of the cabins work?

  39. Delaney,
    The Cheyenne’s have 4 cabins in their village this year instead of 3. When we have camp activities, we split the cabins evenly. We rarely compete by villages. The numbering is going to be from 1-25, Cabin 1 being the youngest. It’s exciting stuff and we are looking forward to you being here!

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