Cabins are almost done

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You’ve read about the progress on the Bear Trap and the transformed Chey/Choc/Cher hut.  (If you haven’t read those posts, read this one first and then go read those!)  Well, now it’s time to see the progress on the cabins.  Let’s see, where to begin?  

1.  Inside walls are up   

2.  Light fixtures are in

3.  Showers are installed, as is the tile floor right outside it

4.  Granite sinks (minus the fixtures) are in

5.  Outside has been painted on most of the cabins

The pics below show the inside of the Chipp/Chick hut and the cabins on the other hills. 


The video below gives you a 360 audio tour of the Chipp/Chick hut.  What you see in the clip is pretty much what all the new cabins look like on the inside.

I can’t believe how fast the cabins have been done.  It seems like I arrived only yesterday and all that was done so far was the ground had been cleared.  Now the cabins are up and almost ready for all you campers and staff.  It’s only three months from now when some of you will be moving in and experiencing it all for yourself…can you believe it?!?!

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8 thoughts on “Cabins are almost done”

  1. What will determine who gets to stay in a new cabin. Returning campers should get in before new campers. They need to taste the flavor of living in an older cabin. 🙂

  2. Kaylee-We decided to just build 5 new camper cabins and 1 new staff cabin this year. Hopefully within the next few years we will renovate all the existing cabins to look like the new ones.

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