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Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with the posts on the new cabins, Bear Trap and dining hall.  You’ve seen the latest pictures and are up to date on the news.  Well, now we wanted to give you a 360 video tour of the buildings.  The first clip is one of the new camper cabins.  Everything is done, now it’s just waiting to be used by campers and staff.

The next couple clips are of the Bear Trap.  The first one shows the downstairs offices.  There’s a lot more organizing that’ll be done (both downstairs and upstairs) before everyone arrives, but you’ll get a feel for the place from the videos.  During the summer, campers and staff can go in and out as needed on the this floor.

This shows the upstairs on the Bear Trap.  It’ll house the staff lounge and VD office and because of that, only staff will be allowed upstairs during the summer.

And finally, a short clip of the dining hall with its new floor.  It’ll look much different in a few short weeks.  All of the tables and chairs will be moved back inside ready for mealtimes.

For those of you new to Crestridge, hopefully this will help you feel more familiar with the place on opening day.  For you returning campers, I hope this makes you even more excited to be at Crestridge this summer!

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25 thoughts on “Video Tours of New Buildings”

  1. ok so i have a question…will the new cabins be going to the younger campers in the village or the oldest ones? i was just wondering..

  2. For Chickasaw and Choctaw, the cabins are mixed in. For Cherokee, the youngest in the village will have the new cabin.

  3. this looks sooo cool! i cant wait:) i have a random question it ok if i faxed my skill sheet in instead of mailing it?

  4. The cabins look AWESOME!!! Last year we could write our names and dates. If we are in the new cabins can we write on the walls? I was just wondering!!

  5. Hannah, Thanks for asking about writing your names on the wall. Unfortunately you will not be able to sign anything in the new cabins. We would like to keep it “clean” as long as we can. However, we are going to have everyone sign a piece of wood and hang it up on the ceiling after the summer. So you will be able to sign something-just not the walls, furniture, etc.

  6. ok thanks i was just wondering about that, the wood thing sounds cool too!!! I cant wait until we see the new cabins!!! Only 11 more days until camp!!!

  7. Hey I have a question do the cheyennes get any new cabins.Well other then that the cabins look amazing cant wait till the first session.

  8. if you are staying for a month can you call your mom or dad in the weekend before the other campers come ?? because i might get a little home sick and want to talk to my mom. and another thing if i have people that would like me to write to them what is the camp address??

  9. hey Taylor well i dont know about the calling your mom thing but when you get to camp i think they give it to you or you just ask your counclers but your mom might know it when you get to camp well bye.

  10. Wow. New cabins. I have to say, i’m not really so excited about them… crestridge isn’t for mini-model homes like those! They look great, too great for summer camp. And what about our old pavillion with the bell that once was the bear trap? Why do we have to build over all the parts the make crestridge crestridge? That’s my opinion, not that anyone asked me. I hope I don’t get a new cabin.

    2 WEEKS TILL CAMP!! YAY!!!!!! 😀

  11. Kaitlin,
    Thanks for your opinion. The pictures don’t really do justice to what the buildings actually look like. The campers so far have loved the new additions! We are looking forward to you coming!

  12. The cabins look nice, but i will definetly miss signing them!
    I only have twelve more days until camp and I am so excited!

  13. I like the new cabins but theres somthing about the old cabins that well makes me feel more at camp I guess because I’ve been coming for 4 years. Do any of the campers not like the new cabbins and if they don’t why not?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????!!!!!!!!!

    The Reasons I love Camp
    1. It teaches you to be a realy good Cristen
    2. you me great girls that your gaurented to love
    3. the counslers will make you feel good
    4. you don’t have to act all laid like
    5. you get rest hour
    6. you do village actives
    7. nobodys shy
    8. every body likes to have fun
    9. nobodys is mean
    10. you can play and have fun
    11. learn about crist by having fun

  14. Savanna, thanks for sharing why you love camp! I haven’t heard of any girls that do not like being in the new cabins. They all like the extra bathroom space!

  15. I’m soooo excited for camp!!! its only 2 days away!!!! But I had a question about the new cabins……. Is there any space to put your things like next to the beds? Because I remembered that there used to be like a small little table right next to all of the beds which was very convienent. cant wait!

  16. I also wanted to know if we are allowed to wear tank tops to sleep in because i understand were not allowed to wear them around so I was just wondering because I dont have many sleep t-shirts please reply! cant wait!

  17. Unfortunately we do not have anything next to the beds in the new cabins. You can wear tank tops but no spaghetti strapped tanked tops. Hope this helps and we look forward to having you here!

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