Bear Trap Construction

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Well, like always, a lot has been done since the last update.  The inside walls have been installed and are now coated with a sealing agent (both floors I might add).  The windows and doors all have framing around them.  The tile has been laid, again, in both bathrooms.  Ron, Sharon and Phil have chosen fixtures for electrical stuff which should be installed soon.  And the nice hardwood floor should be going in anytime now.  As for the outside, the crew finished painting it the deep brown that we chose.  With the green tin roof, it should look great come summertime surrounded by all the foliage!  

The first few pics are of the outside, obviously, and then the bottom floor with the lovely window and door framing.


Now take a look at the staff lounge on the second floor…notice the tile on the bathroom floor.


And yes, even with all the new additions we still advertise camp as a rustic camp!

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5 thoughts on “Bear Trap Construction”

  1. Hey this building has come along wonderfuly! (and quickly) are you guys going to redo any of the staff cabins next to chip hill this year?

  2. Are the two square and four square courts still there? The Bear Trap looks really good!
    You guys are doing an awesome job!

  3. Thanks Maddie. As for the 2-square, 4-square courts never fear! Did you think that with all the construction the courts would get lost in the mix?!?! We know how important those courts are and they will be here ready and waiting for all you campers to arrive this summer!

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