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Read This Passage: Revelation 21:22-27
I did not see a sanctuary in it, because the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb are its sanctuary.
—Revelation 21:22

MOST PEOPLE HAVE ideas about all the things that will be in heaven, but have you ever considered what will NOT be in heaven?

Two obvious things that will not be in heaven are sin and sickness. There will be no infirmary and no nurses station needed.  Evil and illness will not exist in such a perfect place.  Another thing will be missing in heaven, though it may surprise you. According to these verses, there will not be any church buildings in heaven. When we go to heaven, we will be living with God. Since we will be living with God, we won’t need to go to any specific building or location to gather together as the body of Christ and take part in corporate worship. His presence will fill all of heaven, 24/7. The sinful nature that separates all humanity from God during our earthly lives will be gone. Our relationships with God will be restored and purified into the perfect relationships He intended them to be. We will be with Him, in constant communion, for all eternity. We won’t need a sanctuary in this whole new world, because He’ll be the sanctuary. But as a Christian, God’s presence and power are available to you now. Do you live like it?

Thank God that you don’t have to wait until heaven to live in His presence 24/7.

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