Retro Friday Begins

Posted by Sharon

The first summer at Camp Crestridge was 1955 which means we’ve celebrated 57 summers!  That is a lot of history, pictures, stories, etc.  We’d like to show you what camp was like “back then”.  Every Friday, we are going to post a blog that will highlight different parts about camp through the years.

Today’s focus is the beginning of the Dining Hall.  Did you know that when camp began in 1955, the Dining Hall wasn’t even built yet?  The campers and staff had to put their dresses on and walk to the Ridgecrest Conference Center to eat every meal.  And remember, the roads weren’t paved yet.  They had to walk on the dirt roads.  How would you like to do that now?

As you can see, these pictures are of the Dining Hall being built after camp began.  Sometimes it is hard to imagine what camp was like before all the buildings were here.  We are thankful for the way God has provided for us and grown camp through the years!

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