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We are big on rights in this country, as we should be. Even at Camp Crestridge we feel like it is our right to do certain things or have certain opportunities. However, there is something that supersedes rights in the kingdom of God—moving the gospel forward.

Read 1 Corinthians 9:1-12. Concentrate on verse 12.

What was Paul upset about in this passage?

Why is it important to provide for ministers and missionaries?

How can you help those in the ministry this week? This doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary assistance!

How could the message of Christ have been hindered by Paul demanding the people provide for him?
What’s more important, having material possessions or spreading the message of Christ? Explain. How do you show this in your life?
What rights do you need to give up in order to share Christ’s love with others?

Unless you work at a church or are a missionary, this passage may be one you routinely skim over. Maybe you think, What does pay for ministers have to do with me? This passage reflects a bigger truth, though. Paul was describing a God-given right that he had. According to God, he was entitled to provision from the people to whom he was ministering. That should sound familiar to you. As Americans, we defend, protest, and write our legislators, all in the effort to claim what is ours! But Paul refused to use this right. He chose to go without so that the message of Christ could be proclaimed. Wow. What a shift in perspective! How could you go without something you deserve this week in order to honor God? Are you willing to make that sacrifice?

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