Bear Trap Update

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It’s been just over a week since we last posted pictures of the Bear Trap…well, brace yourself for what’s coming next!  Everyday something new has been added.  As it stands now, there are not only walls, but also doors and windows; the rooms have been defined (giving us lots of space I might add!!!); the steps for both levels are done and the railings have been added.  Take a look below to see the progress that’s been made so far.


As you can tell from the pictures, there will be several access points to the bottom floor.  There is a ramp and set of stairs on the chipp/chick side and stair access all around in the front.  The second floor is only accessed from the stairs on the right.  The left side door offers entrance to the staff lounge and the right side gives entrance to the village director’s office. 

None of us here at camp can believe how fast it was constructed and how good it looks!  Personally, I’m looking forward to May when it is completely finished and I can sit on the wrap around porch in a new rocking chair.  Hopefully many of you reading this will be able to fulfill that dream right alongside me.

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5 thoughts on “Bear Trap Update”

  1. O my gosh I can’t wait ’til camp! I missed it when I left last year. Alot has been going on since I checked the blog last time! Have a wonderful NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kappi Brown Pierce and I were just out at camp walking around. Everything looks amazing! I am thrilled by the tiled shower rooms in the new cabins. Good decision!

  3. It’s in the same spot as the old bear trap…across from the dining hall at the bottom of chipp/chick hill. It’s just a bit bigger than the last one which is why it’s hard to picture.

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