Moving Into the Bear Trap

Posted by Karah

During the work weekend furniture was moved from the dining hall to the Bear Trap. This is just one more thing telling us that summer is almost here!  I took some pictures (because now we take pictures of pretty much everything) of how the building looks with furniture in it.  Here’s a look at the downstairs offices:

                    Janie's office Marva and Sharon's office

                             Now the upstairs…here’s the staff lounge:

                    Staff lounge from the doorway Staff lounge from the back corner

                                                  and the VD office:

                    VD office from the doorway VD office from the back corner

                               Notice the nice counter top village directors?

Of course this isn’t how things will look when everyone arrives for the summer (everything will be much more organized), but it’s a great start!

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3 thoughts on “Moving Into the Bear Trap”

  1. I love the countertops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ps..yall did awesome at moving those couches up there!!! yall beasted it!! haha

  2. hi cathrine green do u have an older sis (or younger) named meridith she was in my cabin?!!!!???

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